Friday, 24 June 2011

Cath kidston

cath kidston shop in york

There just the lovliest shops ever, the first time i walked into the york shop i felt totaly blown away , it was just gorgeous and the love affair began , ive been in many "home " shops over my life but was bored of seing dull colourless places with no personality , ive never been a fan of the minimilistic look i much prefer a homely look and when i first saw the cath kidston shop it was like ide found what ive been looking for all my life.I have to say though i love the shop layouts , the patchwork , pastel colours the real homely colourful feel about them , but of late i havnt liked her new ranges as much i much prefer her origional prints and designs but never the less im still a fan .

Some of my own cath kidston bits and bobs

Theres more but ile put them on my flicker photo stream as i could go on and on and on.....ok just a couple more!

more i hear you cry or is that me !

ok just one more

Thatle do for now, i told you i was her biggest fan , thanks for letting me share it with you , please do leave me a message , ide love to hear from you , love for now francine x


  1. Hello,I have just found you dont know how but I did.Your blog is very pretty and I just love all your Cath Kidson bits and bobs.Look forward to seeing more of you.Love Jill xx

  2. I love yourhome its so cosy,I love your ck collection

  3. What a beautiful home I stumbled across you when looking at patchwork curtains, keep up the good work