Saturday, 3 September 2011

Garden love

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Pottering about in our garden is another love of mine , i have a lot of plants , some ive grown myself, others ive bought, ive had a little plant stall this year in our village which has done really well , im already planning what im going to grow for next year,it was very exciting when i sold something, my daughter would check the honesty box daily and run back excidedly with her pockets jangling
Just a few pics from around my garden
veg patch
Lovely flowers

some of my home geown plants for my stall
grass to cut , potting on to be done so by for now , ide love to hear from you so please get in touch for now francine x

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  1. Your garden is lovely! And so are the things you sew! I just followed a link from a comment you posted at Rachel Ashwell's blog. So many beautiful things to see here at your blog!