Tuesday, 20 September 2011

This and that

The nights are certainly drawing in now there is a definate chill and a feeling of autumn in the air, were very lucky to have an open fire in our house so that will be on soon as will the heating , we live in a lovely old house full of character but its also a very cold old house in winter and very draughty and as we only rent our lovely house were limited to what we can do to it so we have to compromise and wear lots of jumpers and socks and snuggly blankets too .
over the last week ive been making a few more homemakes

These are diary's with removable covers made of course with gorgeous cath kidston fabrics, the covers come off completely so once you have finished with the book inside you just put another book inside , i saw some similar in a shop recently so i decided to make some myself

Heres a patchwork one

Ive also made some hot water bottles with covers too for those cold forthcoming winter nights,If you fancy treating yourself or someone special these are allavailable to buy from my website , just click on the link at the top right hand side

I have lots of things i love in life and cushions are up there near the top , i love them i have crochet, patchwork, fluffy and knitted ones all over the place




Embroidery thread a

These two little cups only cost 50p

These boxes are really sweet too

Im not sure what to do with these yet ,if im watching tele i like to be making something at the same time so i find these easy enough to do although i find crochet patterns completely confusing and difficult and i really struggly with them

I love little hexagons too ile maybe make a blanket which will im sure take forever so maybe a cushion ile see , anyway thankyou for stopping by to see me i love your comments , love for now francine x


  1. I'm v. jealous of your real fire - we hoped to get a woodburner this year but the quotew were extortionate!!

    I love the covered diaries and the hot water bottle cover!! I'm wanting to have a go at the hexagons, yet another thing on the "to do" list!!

    S x

  2. love all the cushions and the covered diaries so pretty..
    i think this time of year really calls for gathering together everything that will make us cosy for the colder months!..
    i would so love an open fire like you have.. we have a pretend electric stove but its not the same!!..
    love the pretty boxes to, i think they would look lovely in my house!!!


  3. Cushion envy! I think your fluffy one looks a bit like my pink fluffy cushion. You have the best cushions.
    The tins! Swoon!
    I have lots of thread and lace hanging about too. I love your book covers. They are beautiful.
    What a beautiful place your house is. I have a woodburning stove, but it's not connected yet. xxx

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - I've just been having a read of yours - looks like we've got similar tastes! Love your botty cover.
    We've already had the woodburner lit - your're right it is getting chilly now.

  5. Hi..if you struggle with crochet try You Tube...any stitch from the basics to the most complicated...the next best thing to a friends next to you
    Shout if l can help too...can't have you struggling with hooky time in front of the wonderful open fire, can we?
    Hugs Suz x

  6. Oh Francine ,your blog is soooo pretty! I wish mine was more like yours. I love the diary and hot water bottle covers youve made, very clever.hope your having a great week,take care,julie.xx

  7. I love your crafty things in this post. The book covers are beautifully made, and your cushions and hot water bottle cover so pretty. It's feeling rather cold in our old house tonight too! Keep cosy!
    Helen x

  8. Everything is so pretty over here! I am running to your shop right now...thank you for finding me...so happy to now find YOU! xox Happy creative weekend.

  9. Hi Francine, thanks for joiing in with Favourite Thing On A Friday, it means I've now found your blog! All the things you've made and found are so pretty, I love knitting squares too and am on my way to making a granny blanket. Your journal covers are beautiful and I love your patchwork hottie cover. Hugs, Em x

  10. What a lovely blog you have! Such joy and prettiness... just like your beautiful children.

    I shall be back.

    Stephanie from France

  11. Such a wonderful eye candy post! I LOVE all your makes.
    You may not have to light that fire just yet.Looks like we're having a bit of an Indian Summer for the next couple of weeks. :0)

  12. Oh, what a lovely blog you have! Your work is so pretty and colorful. I can see you have definitely been influenced by Cath Kidston. Your home looks so pretty--with so many creative touches everywhere. Good for you--I am so impressed with what you have made and created. Your rooms and decor give me such a warm and happy feel! Love the virtual tour via your blog.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I just love to make friends with others from across the pond. Thank you, Victoria

  13. I so miss having an open fire!! I grew up with one and have never had one since moving out of home, we rent our lovely old place but sadly someone blocked up the fireplaces many years ago.

    You have a truly lovely collection of pretty things - your diary covers are a brilliant idea too - you can keep them forever! Bonne Maman jars full of buttons!? Heavenly :-)

    Jem xXx

  14. Thankyou kindly for leaving a comment on my blog so that I could then find your most gorgeous making blog! :o)

    I love your patchwork, books, hottie covers and well, just all of it really!
    A lovely place to visit :o)

    I too find crochet patterns a bit hard to follow, but I literally just take 'em one stitch at a time and just keep checking and checking. You'll get there my lovely :o)

    Hope you're having a great weekend, and the sun is shining where you are!
    Donna xx

  15. What a wonderful feast of yummy pictures. I love cushions too, and have a wide variety, but I think my poor hubby puts up with them rather than liking them. Your makes are lovely. Thanks so much for your comment on my post - wouldn't have found you if you hadn't, and your blog is really pretty. I'm struggling at the moment. I do wish the school would draw a line at acrylic nails though. It would certainly help.

  16. Just love your blog - I think I have found patchwork heaven ... a whole heap of inspiration here for me. Am going to check out your website now too.

  17. Thanks for entering my little giveaway. What a lovely blog so many pretty things to look at, I'm a huge Cath Kidston fan too. I love the hot water bottle cover and diary covers. I'll definitely be a regular visitor. Deb xxxx

  18. Just found your gorgeous blog! What lovely crafts! Found you through hookinwithlaalaa blog post, thank you for offering to help with the advent swap! its me who is in need of a partner, ill wait for lynda to let me know what is happening :)

  19. Your style and makes are just fab!! I really love your patchwork diary cover - fantastic idea and sooo pretty!! Loving crochet makes too... Love your blog and can't wait for more :)

    Happy saturday
    Louise xx