Sunday, 4 September 2011

Well the last day before the start of school tomorow ,i always feel heavy hearted at the end of the summer hols thinking about all the plans and ideas we had for our time together, ideas of long hot summer days the day trips wede planned , picnics on the beach etc, the list of things we never got round to doing far outways the list of things we did actualy do,time just slips by so quickly some how
The children have enjoyed themselves and arent bothered about all the ideas we never got round to doing , its only me that thinks that , there happy just being off school, i just wish you could capture those happy memories and keep them forever and not let them fade away , thats just me being all dreamy and sentimental, the truth of the matter is the weathers been awful, money ran out early on in the holidays and the children wanted to do their own thing anyway but its nice to dream and have everything rosy isnt it away from the real world ,just been thinking about the onslaught of tommorow ,prizzing the children out of their beds in the morning after 6 weeks of lie ins and very late nights, homework, after school activities,stropiness due to overtiredness and hormones,endless trips to clubs etc etc.....ahh where are my dreams...... i hope you have all enjoyed the holidays to xlove francine

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  1. Oh I used to hate it when my children went back to school it took me days before I stopped walking around the house feeling sad.Now I have grandsons and they are going to school I am feeling it all over again. Hope your children enjoy thier first day back.Love Jill xx