Friday, 4 January 2013

The year ahead x

Hello lovely bloggy friends ,firstly i would like to wish you all a very happy new year ,we had a lovely christmas and new year here and the children got everything they asked for and there were precious moments spent with my family ,my jeans are certainly tighter and my plans are that once the children are back to school it will be long walks with my dog bobby who has recently been trimmed and bathed and is looking rather fetching and is smelling so much better
Lasy year was a good one ,we all had good health which i always pray for and my little buisness was very steady ,i have lots of new ideas for this years projects ,in the past i have tended to do a lot of patchwork but i have realised that now i need to venture down new paths and try projects that are not patchwork
The house has had a good clean and sort out and many bags have gone to the charity shops, the house looks reallt fresh ,clean and decluttered ,well most of it !!
ok so enough housey pictures for now A new year ahead it will hopefully be a good one with good health to my wonderfull family and hopefully lots of sales in my shop ,i plan to visit all your lovely blogs ,look at your inspirational makes, ideas and homes and look and think more positively ,my sister does councilling and has recommended some good books to read for positive thinking and other stuff so i am ready to tackle whatever is thrown my way this year and achieve all my goals and dreams much love francine x