Saturday, 23 February 2013

Homemakes and plans x

Hello lovely bloggy friends ,hope you are all well
we have had a lovely half term at home pottering about with a spot of gardening inbetween , i love seing the new shoots popping through the ground ,i do love spring and all the flowers

I am pleased to say has had a busy couple of months and a bit of a makeover too , i have also had many orders through my facebook page which has been amazing i am so pleased i really did expect the last couple of months to be quiet ,any money i make now  i am putting aside for my own tea rooms / gift shop with a vintage theme with my crafts for sale too , it really  is a dream at present and i really couldnt afford to do it at present but maybe one day when i have some money put aside  so i am keeping positive and my dream alive
I have been making these applique cushions lately which makes a nice change from patchwork ones 
And also lots of bunting in cath kidston fabrics for weddings
I am still doing my hexagons  for cushions ( for my tea room chairs ) and throws over the back of chairs along with crochet ones too
and some patchwork too
And a few crochet cushions too ,
Been making these recently too , i made one for my daughters bedroom and made a few more as i love them so much
I am so ready for spring and summer to arrive ,as much as i love being all cosy at home when it is dark i am ready now  for  the light evenings  and the warmer weather , i feel like winter drags on too long and i hate the cold , but as much as i love the warmer weather i dont think i could ever live abroad as i love the seasons too much , i am planning lots of home grown fruit and veg this year and more time in the garden and fresh air
I am loving cath kidston more than ever  ,her new lines are so pretty  i could honestly spend a fortune everytime i go in to her york store , i am also loving call the midwife series and Mr selfridge on a sunday evening , well time for bed , thankyou always for popping by and for your lovely commentsi really do appreciate your kind words , please also pop and see me at i would love to see you there , much love francine xxxxx