Sunday, 22 November 2015

Its been a while !

Well hello dear bloggy friends , again it has been a while and i hope to find you all fine and dandy
We are all settled into our new home and my work space is a snug corner in my bedroom which suits very nicely with all my sewing bits and bobs


The months have been flying past and christmas is so near now i really cant believe how quickly it has come round again, a few christmasy things have been appearing here and there

My little shop has been busy and lots of orders keeping me busy especially this time of year , here are a few things i have been working on 

I have been enjoying making these patchy stockings and lots of patchy quilts too

 and some homey pics to finish off

well thank you always for popping by and for your comments ,if you want to pop by my shops the links are
much love Francine x


  1. This post just made my day and inspired me to make a cute stocking! Happy Decorating!

    1. Hello Patti aw thank you and hope your stocking went well xxx

  2. what a pretty home you have! everything is just so lovely :) i'm looking forward to seeing and reading more :) xx

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for popping by My Empire of Dirt xxx