Thursday, 25 February 2016

This and That !

Hello dear bloggy friends , hope you are all well , time is whizzing past as always and life is very busy but i am the happiest i have ever been , i love my life , my home and my children are my world and at nearly 20 , 17 and 9 they are growing up so fast i can hardly believe it and i have been blessed to have them as my own
My business is going so well too and i feel i am at the stage now that i could take someone on to help me as i simply just don't have the time to make all the lines i want to , i forever feel i'm on catch up which is of course fabulous that i am busy but i'm just not sure where to take it now
In a lot of ways i am happy just how it is, plodding on at my own pace but it's that nagging feeling that i could do so much more if i had someone to help me so i am at a cross roads and not sure which road i am going to take

I am loving the new Cath Kidston range this season and have treated myself to many things already ,the fabrics are very popular and i am loving all the designs

The cushions and buntings i make are always popular in Cath Kidston fabrics .
I am on Instagram a lot these days which i love and of course pinterest and i used to spend a lot of time looking through blogs all these are a big source of inspiration for me but again it is down to time and fitting everything in.
I also love this time of year and all the spring flowers and bulbs that are appearing
We just have a yard at the back which is a fairly good size and a bit of grass but this is enough for me , i have lots of pots and it's a very low maintenance garden which suits me ,the weather has been sunny and bright the last few days and the days are lengthening which i love so i am itching to get outside and pot up some plants for the warmer weather and the thought of bbqs and warm summer evenings are joyous to me , the winters always seem so  long .I however love all the seasons and by the end of summer i am ready for Autumn and the dark nights and snuggly evenings cuddled into soft blankets by the fire
well its late and lots to do tomorow so my bed is calling , thank you for popping by to see me and thank you always for your lovely comments
much love
Francine xxx