Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My favourite things

Hello lovely bloggy friends,i hope you have all had a lovely christmas,i feel like im going to burst at any point from all the food ,wine,sweets and chocolate ive consumed ,my jeans are definately feeling very tight but its been a really lovely time here ,just me ,deve and the children for christmas day which started at around six!!then boxing day was spent at my sisters with the rest of the family,i love those times and a night in planned for new year with the children and then itle all be over for another year . Its been a good year and i thought ide show some pictures of nice things
Patchwork bag
Little cakes
Pretty crochet
Patchwork cushion
cath kidston
Crochet cushion
My girls
Cath kidston
Christmas tree
My lovely room
My lad,well thats all for now ,im also doing a giveaway this post which includes a lovely book ,fabric and one of my homemakes ile pick out a winner just after new years eve Just to say a big thankyou for following me ,ive only been blogging a short while and already feel i have lots of friends out there who share the same interests as me so please keep popping by i do love to hear from you and i wish you a happy new years eve,much love francine x

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas time

Hello my lovely bloggy friends ,it feels like ages since my last post and ide just like to wish all of you a merry christmas ,i cant believe its nearly here ,it really is my favourite time of year,i love all the decorations ,the build up ,the shopping all of it ,i love how excited the children get ,my youngest daughter still believes so its very special , i must admit i still have quite a bit to buy but hopefully by wednesday it will all be done ,our decorations are up and ive taken some pictures to show you

My christmas market was a huge success,it was blowing a gale through the market square but we had a sheltered spot thankfully

My stall was bursting at the seams ,full of christmas decorations and gifts ,heres some pictures

There was such a lovely festive atmosphere ,carol singers ,christmas music playing ,mulled wine ,a busy bustling marketplace full of christmas shoppers it was very festive,Its been very busy here with one thing and another and i still feel there are just not enough hours in the day ,my next post im planning a giveaway which i meant to do this time but i just havnt got round to sorting it out , thankyou again for your lovely commenys ,i love to hear from you and i enjoy reading your blogs ,i feel i have a lot of catching up to do ,much love francine x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas homemakes

Hello lovely bloggy friends ,hope you are all well ,i do love your comments and reading your lovely blogs so thankyou for stopping by.
Well christmas is fast approaching ,the shops are all laiden with gorgeous decorations and gifts ,i have a big family having 2 brothers and three sisters ,nearly all with children so nowadays we tend to just buy for the children ,as most of them are 11 and over they have all asked for money ,i do like to give presents but they like to chose there own presents so its easy really so just the little ones to buy for
Im doing a christmas market this year at knaresborough so ive been busy making allsorts really,heres a few

Hot water bottles with soft fur covers

Christmas stockings

Patchwork stockings

Stocking garlands

Advent calendars

Christmas decorations

Christmas wreaths

And knitted chains,i have a lot more but its mostly all packed away now so im very excited and nearly ready for the fair ,ive also been making a few other things like these

Crochet hangers for my wardrobe

And a patchwork tea cosy for my dad,so been quite busy here ,my crochet blanket is coming along nicely but still a way to go as i do want it to actually cover my bed!

Different kitchen table

Loving my new curtains bought from another favourite shop of mine "ikea"

cosy corner

More cushions and chair photos!

And finaly

Well thats it for this week lovely people ,thankyou for coming to see me ,ile be doing a giveaway next week so do pop by ,have a lovely week ,much love,francine