Saturday, 22 February 2020


Hello all, just thought I would pop by and say hello as it’s been a while
I wondered if people still visit blogs , Instagram seems very popular at present
My Instagram is if you fancy following me

Patchwork and lace is still going strong , just finished these buntings and quilts and they have been added to my shops

Still loving pretty fabrics, I have so many these are just a few of them
Well that’s it really , nothing much to report do just showing lots of pictures
Thank you for popping by
Much love Francine x

Monday, 29 July 2019

A little catch up

Hello all, hope to find you all well
Summer is certainly here, the sun is shining and temperatures are soaring which is very welcoming but not so much the humidity which has left us all overly hot.
I have been working on a few new bits and bobs like this new dress pattern, it is the first time I've attempted an adults dress and I have to say it went extremely well , I'm not very good at following dress patterns so I did struggle with parts  but overall I'm pretty chuffed with myself

The fabric is just so pretty, the pattern is quite simple with a zip at the back but  I am going to have a few more practise attempts because I want to start selling dresses so I want them to be perfect, I have so many ideas of things to make and I spend most of my time making gorgeous buntings so it is nice to try something new along side buntings

I do love to make cushions too, they are one of the first things I ever made, these round ones are amongst my favourites.

I have been purchasing lots of new fabrics lately. I found a wonderful fabric shop in Harrogate, honestly I thought I was walking into heaven when I popped in for the first time, there are literally hundreds of fabrics, I do try to just buy what I need but that is very hard for me unless I only have a tight budget and then I'm reluctantly restricted

I have been putting together some charm packs, I love mixing and choosing the different colours and fabrics

Buntings are another favourite make of mine, I love the mix of fabrics that you can put together

Well I must get on , tea is to cook and a mind full of things to make, thank you for popping by to see my little blog, of course in true tradition some homey pictures are always necessary so here are a few 

 until next time lovely people , please also pop by my instagram
Of course if you fancy anything you would like to purchase from my shops pleas pop by the links below

Much love Francine

Friday, 24 May 2019

New beginnings

Hello all, hope you are all well in blog world, I can't believe it has been so long again since my last post, time just whizzes by doesn't it
All is well here, life with 3 children is always busy and there is always something going on

My little business is still going strong,
I make gorgeous buntings for all occasions as well as pretty and practical gifts for your home and family. here are just a few pretty garlands we make

I do love these pretty garlands with a mix of lace and pretty  delicate florals
We also have big choice of other buntings in various colours and fabrics
We also make pretty cushions

I have a long list of things we want to make and hopefully we will be adding lots of new bits and bobs to our new Etsy shop

so signing off for now but will be back soon for new updates
Thank you for popping by xx

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Hello again

Hello lovely bloggy friends, its been such a long time since I popped by here, I hope you are all fine and dandy, life just seems to be flying by and I can't believe were nearly in Autumn
The family are all well, my youngest has started secondary school now and is settling in well and making lots of new friends, my other daughter is just about to start her second year at York university studying crime and criminal justice and social policies and my son is now a fully qualified electrician and is also doing an electrical engineering  course at college and is moving on to another job more in this field of work so they are all doing well I am pleased to say

My small business is still ticking along but I had to take on another job to help with the money situation, I've had so many ideas and dreams but like most things they all take cash to carry them through and the children and paying the bills come first, I still do a lot of sewing on my days off and every evening you will find me in the corner of my bedroom sewing away

Summer seemed to go by in a flash, we had such glorious weather throughout, we don't have a garden  but a small yard which is filled with pots and is a real sun trap

As always here are some things I've been making recently, I've even started on some Christmas makes which I will show you next time, all my things are available to buy via my shop links below

Thank you for popping by and hope to be back here soon much love Francine xxx

Friday, 19 January 2018

New year

Hello lovely bloggy friends that's if i still have any still, it's been such a long time and a belated Happy new year, it's flown by since my last post way back in July
I know a lot of people don't blog any more which is such a shame i think but there are so many other sites nowadays like Instagram that people use more like myself but i will always keep my little blog i like the fact i can add whatever pictures and stories  i like, i understand that people just run out of things to say i suppose but i hope you remain with me here and i hope to post more regularly

Well my little bunting business continues to grow i decided to make it a separate business to my Patchwork and lace one to fully concentrate on buntings for all occasions and nothing else , it is hard to compete as so many people are making buntings so i am always trying to think of new ideas to keep up to date if you fancy a look at my shop the link is

My little family above my son is now a qualified Electrician and is also doing a course at college to be an electrical engineer and is working hard ,my eldest daughter is now at York university studying crime and criminal justice and social policies and has just passed her driving test and my youngest is in her last year at primary, i am incredibly proud of them all, the little baby is my neice who is adorable

I  have so many unfinished projects on the go , i'm really trying to sort through them all and get them finished this patchwork star quilt is one i'm trying to get finished at the moment and i live it and will be keeping this one for sure

It's so cold here at the moment , i cannot wait for the warmer weather to come , the winters seem so long and our house is quite a cold one with draughty windows so it always feels cold , roll on summer
well that's all for now, i will leave you with a few homey pictures as always and thank you for popping by to see me and all your lovely comments

 A few recent makes too, if you fancy treating yourself to something pretty and handmade my shop link is

Thank you Much love Francine