Saturday, 25 June 2011

Patchwork and crochet love

As you can probably tell i love patchwork and crochet ,ive always loved it since early childhood but its only been the last few years ive discovered it again and now i have it all over the place, i find crochet quite hard to do and its taken me ages to grasp the easiest of techniques i find patterns a total confushion so i tend to make my own instructions as i go along but im getting there slowly

Patchwork is much easier for me to do, heres are some of my home makes
patchwork curtains

patchwork quilts

Patchwork cushions, i have far too many really but in my eyes i will never have enough

Most of these cushions ive sold which im always thrilled about

Friday, 24 June 2011

Cath kidston

cath kidston shop in york

There just the lovliest shops ever, the first time i walked into the york shop i felt totaly blown away , it was just gorgeous and the love affair began , ive been in many "home " shops over my life but was bored of seing dull colourless places with no personality , ive never been a fan of the minimilistic look i much prefer a homely look and when i first saw the cath kidston shop it was like ide found what ive been looking for all my life.I have to say though i love the shop layouts , the patchwork , pastel colours the real homely colourful feel about them , but of late i havnt liked her new ranges as much i much prefer her origional prints and designs but never the less im still a fan .

Some of my own cath kidston bits and bobs

Theres more but ile put them on my flicker photo stream as i could go on and on and on.....ok just a couple more!

more i hear you cry or is that me !

ok just one more

Thatle do for now, i told you i was her biggest fan , thanks for letting me share it with you , please do leave me a message , ide love to hear from you , love for now francine x

Saturday, 18 June 2011

My home

Its really since turning fourty that i seem to have got to where ide like to be , ive kind of drifted through life, just going with the flow ,really following and having my home as other people wanted to have it but thats all different now ,my home completely has my stamp on it now , its filled with soft pastel colours , a mix between shabby chic, cath kidston and a bit of vintage here and there, patchwork cushions , patchwork quilts , crochet cushions , blankets, painted furniture, loyd loom style chairs (not the real thing but similar)lots of homely handmade pretty things its my sanctuary and i love it

Our kitchen

our bathroom

our living room

The wonderfull veiw from my bedroom window which i never take for granted

Friday, 17 June 2011

simple pleasures

Life can be very up and down, full of unexpected turns, you can plan every step but often its out of your control, so here are just some simple uncomplicated pleasures of mine ,

Patchwork,have loved it since childhood,and now i surround myself with it , unfortunately not always popular with the children !

The veiw from my room , i love to sit at my desk looking out across the garden , in different weathers and changing seasons,often watching the children on the trampoline having fun enjoying life , no cares or worries, its a lovely sunny place to sit

York racecourse where i walk my dog "bobby", who is completely wired all day long , never tired , bounces about all day long,and eats literaly anything and everything, actually a bit like myself although i have limits ! here on the knavesmire we walk for miles , i love to see him running around (he very rarely walks anywhere)i love the freedom i feel walking across the big open space, past the empty stands and the finish line where i often stop for a minute and remember mum who sadly died 7 years ago, and whom i miss and think of every day, and its here at the finish line we scattered her ashes


Patchwork , crochet and cushions to which i have many of each all made by myself

Corners of my lovely garden , i love spending time in it pottering about ,i have a potting area where i grow all my seeds , i love it in all seasons and spend a lot of time out here