Friday, 17 June 2011

simple pleasures

Life can be very up and down, full of unexpected turns, you can plan every step but often its out of your control, so here are just some simple uncomplicated pleasures of mine ,

Patchwork,have loved it since childhood,and now i surround myself with it , unfortunately not always popular with the children !

The veiw from my room , i love to sit at my desk looking out across the garden , in different weathers and changing seasons,often watching the children on the trampoline having fun enjoying life , no cares or worries, its a lovely sunny place to sit

York racecourse where i walk my dog "bobby", who is completely wired all day long , never tired , bounces about all day long,and eats literaly anything and everything, actually a bit like myself although i have limits ! here on the knavesmire we walk for miles , i love to see him running around (he very rarely walks anywhere)i love the freedom i feel walking across the big open space, past the empty stands and the finish line where i often stop for a minute and remember mum who sadly died 7 years ago, and whom i miss and think of every day, and its here at the finish line we scattered her ashes


Patchwork , crochet and cushions to which i have many of each all made by myself

Corners of my lovely garden , i love spending time in it pottering about ,i have a potting area where i grow all my seeds , i love it in all seasons and spend a lot of time out here

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