Tuesday, 30 August 2011


This is a patchwork cot quilt ive just finished making,and im really pleased with it , i havnt done an awful lot of crafting in the holidays the days just seem to slip by so quickly and the new school term is nearly with us.My eldest lad is starting his last year at school and this term my youngest daughter hope is starting full time school, im sure, i, along with all the other mothers, will be very teary eyed when i take her into school looking all smart with her new uniform (know this wont last )but new beginings are ahead for us all x

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Recent homemakes

Here are a few of my recent homemakes
Pretty patchwork cushion made with vintage fabrics
Bunting made with vintage fabrics and finished off with lace
Lovely patchwork quilt made using all my favourite fabrics

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Patchwork quilt

Ive been asked by a lady in america to make a few quilts for her , this latest one was by far the biggest ...a huge 84 " x 84 " and the most colourful, it all started like this

the cutting out of all the different coloured squares 576 to be precice
then once i have all my squares cut out i start machine sewing them together in strips of 24

as it gets bigger its harder to manouver

once ive sewn all the squares together the next job is laying out the backing fabric and wadding then sewing by hand it all together which is quite time consuming

i literally had to move all our living romm furnitue out the way so i could lay it on the floor so after long periods of being on my hands and knees bending over i eventually got it finished

ta-dah the finished patchwork quilt

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

patchwork tea cosy

Hello , well were now in our third week of the holidays and apart from our lovely unpredictable english weather all is good , i love the holidays with the children , we live in a small village on the outskirts of york and its very quiet and peaceful,in my younger days i loved busy city life , the shops pubs all the usual things cities have to offer but now i like the peace and quiet, watching the cows from the local farm come and go twice a day to be milked ,its almost as if nothing else exists outside our quiet little village,its lovely. I dont feel ive done much sewing up until the last couple of days but now ive been busily working away making a few little things
heart garland
Handmade cards
Patchwork tea cosy
i sell all these things i make on ebay , etsy and on my website and im really pleased with the way everthing is going , ideally one day ide love my own tea rooms with floral table cloths , cath kidston cups and saucers, tea cosies and crochet and patchwork quils and cushions on the chairs, homemade cakes and scones , then a little shop at the back with all my handmade things in ..thats my dream , maybe onedayx