Tuesday, 9 August 2011

patchwork tea cosy

Hello , well were now in our third week of the holidays and apart from our lovely unpredictable english weather all is good , i love the holidays with the children , we live in a small village on the outskirts of york and its very quiet and peaceful,in my younger days i loved busy city life , the shops pubs all the usual things cities have to offer but now i like the peace and quiet, watching the cows from the local farm come and go twice a day to be milked ,its almost as if nothing else exists outside our quiet little village,its lovely. I dont feel ive done much sewing up until the last couple of days but now ive been busily working away making a few little things
heart garland
Handmade cards
Patchwork tea cosy
i sell all these things i make on ebay , etsy and on my website and im really pleased with the way everthing is going , ideally one day ide love my own tea rooms with floral table cloths , cath kidston cups and saucers, tea cosies and crochet and patchwork quils and cushions on the chairs, homemade cakes and scones , then a little shop at the back with all my handmade things in ..thats my dream , maybe onedayx

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  1. Hi Francine,
    Thank you visiting my blog and for your lovely comment.
    We have the same dream! Hopefully one day eh?!
    Just off to have a little look around your blog and then your etsy shop.Take care and have a lovely week. :0)