Tuesday, 6 September 2011

cath kidston

Well the children are all at school now , my youngest daughter ," hope" had her first day yesterday which went ok , i remained strong ive been very upset about her going for a few days now so i didnt want her to see me upset again so i tried to be strong, hope was was very tearful at first but then went off quite happily, felt my heart strings pulling so after a lovely walk across the fields with my dog "bobby"
i popped into town to my all time favourite shop
This is a table display as you walk through the entrance , i felt like plonking myself down and ordering tea and cakes !! but i refrained and walked round taking a few pictures instead

This bed is so gorgeous with the dressing table next to it

Its such a lovely shop , i didnt buy anything even though i saw loads of things i wanted , it was very hard to leave empty handed i must say !
Caths new book (i say that as if i know her personally , but i dont)anyway her new book "patch "is out next month and ive put my name down to go to an book opening night type thing , its where you can go into the shop one evening , have tea and cakes and there will be people demonstrating how to make things from the book , i went to the last one , it was heavenly and i learnt how to cross stitch, they provide all the fabrics cotton etc and you can join in , its very relaxing and there are only about 50 people so its very small and lovely, so i cant wait for that , hope your all well love francine x


  1. Hi,
    Thanks very much for visiting my blog, I can see we have a patchwork obsession in common! I'll be looking forward to my trip to York next month, especially Betty's Tearoom!
    Hen x

  2. Hi,it sure is a very pretty shop,you really are lucky to be attending the book opening night it sounds brilliant,have fun.Love Jill xx

  3. I do love Cath Kidston. Or rather her goods! I sure would love to visit her York shop, looks like a treasure. Well done you for walking out of there without any purchases...

    I am so glad you stopped by my blog and left a message, so that I could find your delightful blog. I love your pretty patchwork quilts and crochet. I am sure to come back :)

  4. oh how wonderful...i found the one near Covent Garden last time i was in London visiting a ffriend- but sadly it was such a tourist trap i couldn't see anything from all the people- it wasnt as big or had the lovely interior displays of tables, beds and dressing rooms- beautiful photographs thanks for sharing ;0)x

  5. Oh my GOD. So perfect I could cry. I love that bed. I think that cloth on the table reminds me of a stripey blanket I had as a nipper.
    Lovely to find your blog and am now following, as well as drooling at these gorgeous pics!

  6. Hi Francine,thankyou for popping over to my blog and for leaving a comment.I love CK too ,thankyou for sharing the lovely photos.take care,julie.xx

  7. Thank you for following my blog - now I have found you, I am your new follower!
    The CK shops are heavenly aren't they. I love the mix of new (mostly) and vintage (a little).
    I had to look twice at the picture of the bed and gorgeous flower-y chest of drawers though - the headless body putting on the socks is rather eerie to say the least!

  8. Hello I just found your gorgeous blog, how could I have missed you! We have much in common , do visit me
    Heather x

  9. I do love CK shops, always so crammed full of prettiness! I'm very envious of you attending the booky event, well done for getting yourself a place :) I've just discovered your blog and thought I'd stop by and say 'hello' x

  10. Very cute blog, and thanks for finding mine and leaving a comment.
    Am now following you, how could I not,it's lush!!!
    Your children are so cute and I loved the line up of school shoes in your previous post.
    Enjoy the weekend
    Gem x x

  11. Hello!
    Glad you are liking the posts, I am enjoying blogging very much at the moment. Your week sounds nice and busy! Hope you get some time to relax over the weekend.
    P.S your blog is total eye candy - as is every CK store!!
    X Gem

  12. hello just found you through flickr this is my fave shop too always a first stop when visiting york
    xx fee