Monday, 12 September 2011


Hello my lovely bloggy friends,i hope you have all had a peacefull weekend,im thrilled to now have you as followers and love reading your lovely messages thankyou so much
Well my sweet little children are all at school,chores have been done bills have been paid...(umm not quite true but never mind !)so off me and my crazy dog "bobby",all
be it very windy , had a lovely walk across the fields,the sun was beaming down the wind was blowing so strongly ,it was very refreshing and i had a lovely sensation of freedom,i didnt have to be anywhere ,no clockwatching,no needs or demands from anyone just me ,it was heavenly,ide much rather walk across the country side than go to the gym anyday (not that ive ever attended a gym i might add)im not really one for doing exercise i must say , my elder sister is super fit, she runs marathons,half marathons,has done the 3 peaks on her own many times ,she runs swims plays tennis everything, she is a size 10 , im a size 14,16 well i sway more to the size 16 if i was honest ,i on the other hand walk my dog thats it,we couldnt be more different but shes a sweetie as are my other 2 sisters and 2 brothers anyway ,rambl ,ramble, back to my walk,we then went back home red faced and hair ,lets just say the "messy look " for a nice cup of tea and a ...

slice of cake

i thought ide show you some of my chairs today ,i love lloyd loom chairs unfortunately i dont own the real macoy, ive picked similar looking chairs over the years from car boots and second hand furniture shops and repainted them so heres some pictures of them

This one only cost me £3

This is a different style chair i use this when im on my sewing machine,some other corners of my home too ide like to share with you

Kitchen window

Thankyou for letting me share these with you , but all this lounging around taking pictures isnt getting any work done so must go , think ile have another cuppa though first so see you all soon love to all ,francine xx


  1. I Love this post and guess what! We have the same slippers!!!!!
    Your house is so cute and girlie, how on earth do you wangle that one?!
    And how do you dust it all?
    It is stunning visually and I love each room. Your work room looks like a fab den!!!!
    I am the same size as you. I LOVE chocolate and cake and hate the gym. Walks are great though, so good for the body, mind and spirit.
    Enjoy your week.
    X x x

  2. Hi, just found your blog and love it! So much to see and enjoy. Already looking forward to the next installment!

  3. Oh what a beautifulhome! I love your pink walls and your lovely painted furniture. It lookslike a very cosy and happy house. The chairs are gorgeous. x

  4. It all looks so very pretty, you obviously work very hard at your home.
    Hen x

  5. Hi you have such a colourfull pretty home it all looks so cosy your girls must love it.Love Jill xx

  6. Hi Francine,thankyou for sharing more lovely piccies of your home,as I already said I LOVE IT!and it should be in one of the home & country mags!have a great week,love julie.xxxx

  7. Hi..what a pretty home you have, l can definitely see the Bobble Flower in your gorgeous home
    Look forward to seeing a cushion maybe? lol
    They make up quickly too, have fun
    Hugs Suz x

  8. Thank you for your comment on my blog, we definitely do have the same tastes! Your house is my dream home, especially your kitchen!! I am going to be an avid follower of your blog I can tell already. Your patchwork is amazing!!

    Happy Monday to you, lovely to meet you!!

    Louise xx