Thursday, 29 September 2011

History,hexagons and homemakes

Hello fellow bloggy friends , its a gorgeous day here in york it feels like a hot summers day the garden is still full of flowering geraniums in my painted pots and the grass is still growing its hard to believe were nearly in october already , i had my usual trip into town and thought ide take a few lovely shots of our city for you in case you havnt been already

Veiw across the river ouse which is a hive of activity in peak summer with boats, canoes and boat cruises, i took it on one of our many bridges

cliffords tower

The famous "Betty,s tea rooms " which is as good now as it has ever been , i remember my mum and sisters going when we were very young as a treat and its still going strong today , the food and service is fab and really worth a visit

Bar walls , these are amazing to walk around, not the best picture of them

York minster

The shambles
Im very lucky to live in such a wonderful historic city , i suppose i take all these wonderful sights for granted

Ive been quite busy the last week and had a stinker of a cold which is only just going , im still doing my hexagon patchwork

Although its very time consuming as i havnt any fancy gadgets , just my cardboard hexagon tenplate,pen,scissors and paper, it really does feel like its been completely handmade, its still one of my favourite pastimes


are all pretty vintage fabrics which im using
This is a hexagon quilt i made years and years ago , its certainly stood the tests of time , its very random and is starting to fray a bit now but ile keep it forever

I made this little apron too , its so sweet

Few more homemakes , this is also for my daughter, i think she suits it

Crochet scarf, ive a long list of things to make which i will post about next time and hopefully more of my hexagon throw to show you so must go , enjoy the sunshine ,love francine, also love all you lovely commentsx


  1. Found your wonderful blog today and wanted to say hi! I love York so your photos have brightened my day! love all of your makes and the photos in your sidebar :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. What beautiful photos of 1 of my fav places! Thanks for sharing, we have much in common, I love your blog!
    Heather x

  3. I love York! It is close to my home city of Bradford and i used to love visiting. I love Betty's too. I used to go to the one in Ilkley. Pricey but blimmin' lovely!
    The hat and scarf are adorable. I love your cushion with the roses too. I love all your things. xxx

  4. Hi,I also love York and not to far from me for a day visit just wandering and dreaming in such a histoic place.Your apron is so pretty and your little daughter so suits that hat,I want one.Love Jill xx

  5. I've never been to York it looks really nice, your apron and patchwork is amazing, also i love the pictures of your house so pretty, i live with three boys so i try and make the space pretty but it just gets covered with thunderbirds and aeroplane magazines! fliss xx

  6. I really enjoyed your photo tour! I kept meaning to visit your blog, since you had commented on mine(please forgive my tardiness). Your quilting and crochet are so inspiring, and you use all the colors I love! We are having summer like weather here in Oregon too, but alas, rain is on the horizon:( October officially marks the start of the rainy season here---yuk

  7. So many beautiful makes, love your quilt, its lovely. The photos of York are amazing, i love historical sites, where i live we have quite a few castles & old city walls, its a joy to see!!!
    Have a lovely day

  8. Your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous in her hat. I love the colours you've used and how fabulously floppy it is, it's beautiful! I've been to York a few times and love the Shambles best. Em x

  9. Hello, have just found your pretty blog, what a cheeky grin your daughter has!
    Your patchwork has inspired me. Yesterday I bought one of those already cut out bundles of fabric and have just been pinning and tacking and playing! I wonder if I'll end up with something as lovely as one of your creations!

  10. What fabulous piccies - feel I've been on a little tour. I loved Betty's tea rooms when I went (which must be a good 20 years ago!). It's a beautiful city. I also love your makes, especially your patchwork. x

  11. Morning..thanks for popping by, the bobbles are great for stopping curl lol
    Love the hat a real cutie
    Lovely place to live too, great living in a town full of history isn't it?
    Hugs Suz x

  12. How cute is that apron! love it :)

  13. Your photos of York bring back so many happy memories of our honeymoon spent there. Love the things you are making, especially the cute hat. Kx

  14. Hi Francine,Lovely piccies of York,I would love to go there one day,especially Bettys tea room,I ve heard it mentioned on t.v before,sounds yummy! Love the hexy quilt,Ive been making hexys too, this past week and will post about them later on this week:) Hope your having a lovely day,take care,julie.x

  15. Thanks for the trip to York. I've never been overseas before, and I prefer to stay put right in my own little home here in New Jersey--a small state on the east coast of US. We had a warm week last week too. It has cooled down and is now really beginning to feel like autumn here.

    Love your work--especially that sweet little apron.