Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Little treats

Had to pop into town this morning on our sweet little country bus to buy some fabric for an order,this im pleased to say involved me nipping into cath kidston ,again, this week ,before i go on i would just like to say i do do other things in my life apart from taking pictures in cath kidston,but i just had to share some more pictures with you ,since my last visit there were some new displays, must say who ever thinks of these are very artistic...

Just loving this patchwork chair,its sooo sweet

and this one too

new door stops and a fold away draught excluder in the softest velvety fabric

How sweet is this

This little display is soo lovely with all the bits of fabric, sewing bits and bobs

and the old sewing machine,wish they would put heads on these dummies though, it would look even better then

Loving the little lamp,well there you go isnt it just the dreamiest of shops, this is what i bought

sorry the picture is the wrong way round but some new fabric a patchwork fabric pack and some stickers

just got some more to cut up for my next project which i will post about next, by the way the new cath kidston magazine is out on friday if you didnt already know and cant wait for downton abbey on sunday and also arent the new marks and spencers adverts lovely ,seen two up to now and apsalutely love them , heres some other little pictures i took to

my little bedside table

Lovely crochet....feel i say" lovely "a lot so will try to think of some new words!

Ibought these little wooden house from the country living fair in london years and years ago

The yellow walls dont really look this bright honestly

Funny cards

Finished patchwork to all see you soon love francine x


  1. How lovely are the rooms in your house especially your project room. I'm very envious. Thank you for the lovely comment over at mine. Seeing gorgeous crochet on other blogs is so inspiring for me.

    Melanie x

  2. Oh wow, your blog is fabulous!! I love, love, love your style!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, have become a follower of yours!!

    S x

    PS We have the same CK wallpaper in our bedroom!!

  3. Thanks for more yummy piccies!! Oh how I wish we had a CK in Cardiff,For my birthday last year we went over to Bath,thats our nearest,Guess where I want to go this year? lol,love julie.xxxx

  4. There's that headless body again!!
    Gorgeous pics though, especially those from your own home - it's lovely and very girly. I love peering into other peoples homes, so thank you for letting us peer into yours!

  5. You have a really pretty blog. I agree that patchwork chair is really lovely.
    Isabelle x

  6. Your patchwork blanket is amazing. I am IN LOVE with your wallpaper too. The snippets fromyour home are gorgeous,love 'em.
    I say 'lovely'a lot too. Your house is lovely though.
    Ta for nipping to C K'sagain.I can't get to any of her shops here,so tis an absolute delight to do so via your

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these most lovely of CK vignettes. We do not have any stores in the US that I have been able to find, so it is very good to see your post! I crave the day I can go to one of her stores!!!

  8. What beautiful colors on your blog! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today to visit! :) Made my day. I'm off now to check out your shop!

  9. Thank you so much !!!! Love your work room very cute !!! Colors are so pretty .. Thanks for stopping by

  10. Absolutely loving reading your blog! You've inspired me to blog about a lloyd loom chair I re-painted and covered in some vintage patchwork in the summer! I think you will like it :)