Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cath kidston craft event evening

Hello fellow bloggy friends ,ive much to show and tell this week,starting of course with my lovely evening at the cath kidston shop in york last night for the craft event promoting her new book "patch,the event was advertised in the last cath kidston magazine

I went with my daughter sky, arriving promptly just before six,the queue was already starting to form as we all waited eagerly for the evening ahead

We were offered tea and cakes from a lovely laid out table as we entered the shop by the lovely friendly staff,not the headless model you see in the background

The demonstration was on the enormous red table in the centre of the shop ,this table is enormous and is something i would definately buy if i had the money,i took this picture after everything had been cleared away

There were probably about 40 people there and we were all given a bag with all the kit inside needed to make the suffolk puff cushion

Then the staff in the shop demonstrated how to make the suffolk puffs or yo yos,we were even given a plastic yo yo maker

There was a lovely sweet elderly lady there as one of the demonstators who was an expert at every technique of patchwork and i manages to have a chat with her and we both agreed we prefered the "old fashioned way "of making the suffolk puffs by hand ,she was a lovely ,very talented lady who had made some amazing things to show us

We all set to after the demonstration with our very generous packs of fabric,cotton,needles etc round the table,it was a lovely atmosphere us all sewing together drinking tea,chatting and laughing

There were even a couple of sewing machines if you wanted to sew the back of the cushion

Heres my daughter in the black concentrating on sewing her yo yo ,or suffolk puff

This is what the finished product looks like but as there were i think 90 suffolk puffs to make in total, no one finished it all last night but we were able to take everything in the kit home to finish it off and the first person to completely finish the cushion and take it into the shop would get a voucher to spend

The evening went on for a couple of hours and 15% off everything ,except vintage things so we had a good look round taking pictures along the way

As it was 15% off everything i treated my daughter to a new bag and i bought myself these pretty spotty candles

This gorgeous cake stand

We had a really lovely enjoyable crafty evening especially as my daughter came with me ,its not often it is just the two of us so it made it extra special ,stonegate was very quite as we left and york is so pretty on an evening

We came home happy and inspired and i took some pretty pictures of my new purchases

We have also put our names down for the next few thursday evenings to go back to the cath kidston shop to help make a quilt , we take our own materials this time and over the next few weeks we make up this quilt in our own square sections which will then be joined together and auctioned for charity so were looking forwaed to that starting next week,
My crochet blanket is coming on nicely now im trying to do some every day as i want to put it on my bed as the temperatures have definately dropped now

And im still plodding on with my patchwork throw

As well as this other hexy throw ive started and crochet blanket

As well as patchwork cushions

Ive also been doing a bit of gardening lately too before it gets too cold,i recently bought some tulip and daffodile bulbs which ive been planting around the garden and in pots for hopefully a pretty colourfull display for spring

In my potting area

The last of the apples from our tree

Thankyou to you for your lovely comments i really do love to hear from you and reading your own blogs ,love for now francine x


  1. Oh wow! I'm Soooo jealous! How faboulous to have a sewing and tea filled evening and at a CATH KIDSTON store of all places!.....that truely must have been heaven...all that eye candy to tempt + a discount... yikes I would have spent a fortune LOL. Glad to hear you and your daughter enjoyed it :)

    Your patchwork and crochet blanket is beautifull, I especially like your hexies!!

    Looking forward to your next post already!
    Louise xx

  2. Hi Francine,I would of loved to come with you to the Cath K night it must of being really nice it looks all cosy everyone sewing together.Love the spotted candles and so nice you and your daughter get time to yourselves.Your projects are all coming on nicely and so pretty.Love Jill xx

  3. Wow, how fun! Us American girls would flip! I think I would have bought those dotty candles, too. so cute!

    Good work on your quilts and throws. I love all the colors! ♥

  4. Oh my goodness! I am VERY jealous that you got to go to one of the CK 'Patch' events!!! I looks like you had so much fun! And isn't sneaking around a CK store at night-time EVERYONE's dream?!?! I love all your photos of the shop - everything is so, so, so pretty!!!

  5. Looks like you had a great evening. What a lovely shop. thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm now following you would love to have you as a follower on mine.

  6. Hi Francine,Wow,what a great post! So many lovely piccies and how lucky to get to spend an evening sewing and learning in CK,Im very jel! ;) lol, We havent got a CK in Cardiff but I so hope we do get one soon. Love your makes everything looks so pretty over at your blog! I love your dotty candles and your potting area,I could go on.......... Hope you have a great week.Thanks for your comments over at mine,I did follow up your question about the hot water bottie but not very clever I posted back on my own comments ,soz,I hope you get my response anyway? let me know if I can help any further,love ,

  7. It must have been nice to be surrounded by people also smitten and interested. Your photos captured the shop beautifully. That red table is quite the statement!

    Lorraine :-} Your newest follower.

  8. Planted my bulbs today! So excited about them coming up, can't wait! Hopefully I will forget where I planted them and they will be a lovely surprise. Gorgeous photos by the way x

  9. Lucky you. Great photos, thanks.

  10. What a lovely evening you had..I think I would of felt like I had died and went to heaven. Pure bliss! I really really really wish we had CK stores over here.

    Your home is adorable..I was just looking at the sidebar photos. Hugs my friend. xoxo

  11. Just found your blog. Looks as though you had a wonderful evening with CK.

    Enjoy your brand new week.

  12. OOooo..It all looks fantastic!
    What a lovely evening you had! I love your buys, and I think your potting area in your garden looks lovely too :o)

    Hope you have a good time this week at CK too.

    Take care my dear,
    Donna xx

  13. Que bonito tener la oportunidad de pasar un rato tan maravilloso y con tu hija, ojala tuviéramos aquí sitios cono esa tienda... quizás algún día.Te mando un saludo

  14. I really loved this post! Your evening at the CK shop looks absolutely wonderful. I visited York last winter and went to the CK shop, so I can imagine how colourful and cosy it was for your lovely sewing group, and your pictures show it beautifully. What a treat! Lovely to have your daughter with you too. All your makes are so pretty, you choose lovely colours. Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  15. Sounds like an absolutely lovely evening. I do love the Cath Kidston shop in York. I come from East Yorkshire but live in Buckinghamshire now. I love to have trips back up to York, which we did at the beginning of September for my 40th Birthday, and always have to have a good look in the lovely shop even though we have one close to us in Marlow. I think the York shop is particulary lovely and I can imagine spending a lovely evening of sewing there. I look forward to seeing your finished cushion. Fiona x

  16. Hi Francine, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. Your photos are fab and all the things you've made are beautiful. Em x

  17. What a lovely evening, looked like heaven!!! I have been to the York store before, on holiday, & wish it was nearer, I love it!!!
    Happy sewing : )

    Sharon xx

  18. Oh My Goodness - a class at a Cath Kidston store!!! How divine! Looks like you had a great time. So wish they'd open a store in Australia (specifically Melbourne !!)

  19. Hi Francine,
    I love Cath Kidston, because it looks a little bit vintage.
    Hugs Olga from Germany