Friday, 7 October 2011

Yesterday,today and tomorowx

Hello fellow bloggy friends ,what lovely people you are ,your lovely mesages ,kind words , inspiring blogs ,just to say thankyou for following me
I often wonder what to post about thats interesting to others ,the days seem to always fly by somehow ,i thought once my youngest daughter started full time school i would have hours of free time ,walking the dog ,sewing etc but somehow now i try to cram as much as i can into those child free hours as possible before they all come home and the time just seems to run away ,as much as i love those free hours of no demands ,tidy house ,full fridge ,full cake stand,i do love it when i see the school bus pulling up over the road and in they come,shoes bags,clothes hungry tummies ,listening to their banter some days too much to say other days not much at all,the mess ,the "whats for tea mum "as much as somedays i feel worn down by it all i know that once they have all flown the nest i will crave these days endlessly ...
I would like to say a big thankyou to the dutch girls for my giveaway which i recieved today all nicely wrapped and presented

It was a real treat to recieve something nice through the post so thankyou so much for that x
I met my dear dad today for coffee,he can talk and talk in fact i dont remember actually saying an awful lot , one tale leads onto the next and he is so knowledgable about everything ,my children often ask me questions that i havnt a hope of answering so i now say "ask grandad hele know "and he does hes amazing anyway we met in a local garden centre which was fully stocked with christmas decorations it was like a winter wonderland and as christmas is my favourite time of year i had to do the decent thing and buy something didnt i it was only polite so heres what i bought

A christmas elf ,wooden heart and a felt heart,rather lovely i thought , i have booked a table at the local christmas fair again this year at knaresborough,last year was very successfull so im now fully stocked up on christmas felt,fabrics,ribbons and buttons to start making all my christmas goodies to sell , cant wait, last year it was snowing and the market place was magical , the band was playing christmas music ,shoppers busily buying christmas treats , mulled wine in good supply ,it was really festive so im looking forward to this years market even more
I set to making a festive chair throw last week with some festive homespun fabrics

it started off in stages

It soon started developing

From an origional blanket idea which became so time consuming, and i made loads of mistakes trying to match it all up that i decided to make it into a table runner instead
and here is the finished product

The photo doesnt really do it justice , it has really made me appreciate the amount of time that must go into these really intricute blankets you see around
Ive also been catching up on a spot of scrapbooking this week , this interest stems from my much lovedc and missed late mother who had heaps of scrap books filled with birthday ,anniversary any type of cards really that she liked the look of ,she would sit on an evening with empty scrap books on one side of her and cards waiting to be glued in on the other side, this is where my love of them stems , my interest isnt cards though mine is just lovely images i see in magazines, i cut the pictures out i like then stick them into scrap books , i must have at least ten now

All stored neatly in patchwork files

When i want inspiration or just feel like loking at nice pictures out they all come

The pictures are a mixture of particular items i see i like or of houses , gardens or crafts people have made ,a mixture of all sorts of images that really inspire me

I used to buy a lot of home magazines but to be honest nowadays i find them all really repetetive , uninspiring , full of adverts and really a waste of my hard earned money so i feel with my scrap books i have all i like and want in my own home made magazine file , how wonderful ,i love what i like on every page how good is that !!

My hexy blanket is coming on slowly as is my crochet blanket , next week ive decided to manage my time better ,i love being on my computer browsing through lovely blogs but as my computer seems to be the slowest in the world , really im not kidding , this lovely pasttime actually takes up quite a few hours in a day , we have one computer in our house that we all share which as you can imagine is very difficult and its quite dated and very annoyingly slo...w to say the least so its a want on all of our christmas lists to have a computer each , heres hoping santa will be feeling generous this year , well hope your not too bored ive been warbelling on for seemingly hours now so time to go to bed with a nice hot choc to wash down the wine and the lovely feeling of no school,packups,routine,work and a well earned lie in for us all tomorow , have a lovely weekend ,ours is a good lie in ,full monty breakfast,roast dinner,strickly come dancing,x factor hopefully a massive win on the lottery and my all time favourite programe "Downton abbey,more lovely images for you

Pretty embroidery

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Have a lovely weekend to you all , much love francine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Francine,Great post! Lush piccies!
    I do the same with my mags,keep my fave articles and have made up a scrap book and two folders.When ever I feel the need to buy a new mag I just dig these out, I agree theyre all very samey arent they?My fave is still country homes & homes & antiques,but with my hubby being made redundunt at the end of the year I will be digging my folders out more than ever,Im sure!I hope you have a great weekend,sounds perfect,love Downton & strictly too.take care,julie.x

  2. hello :) I too squirrel away my favourite pics for inspiration, sometimes though I find an odd one where I must have been having an off day like a dodgy chair or some random wallpaper...they always make me giggle :)
    lovely pics x x x x x x Jane

  3. Lovely post full of crafty things! I think your scrapbook pages look lovely, so filled with inspiration and it's a great way to keep the images to hand.
    Have a great week. Helen x

  4. Well done on your win, such nice goodies :) love the red fabric you have, I also save loads of magazines and pictures for inspiration, making my own scrapbooks of ideas :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Your blog is so charming..I love everything about it. Your scrapbooks are lovely and that magazine that you showed..Making and Christmas Makes looks amazing! And I do love Molly Makes! We can get that one in Canada! Hugs for a great week. xoxoxox Thank you for visiting me.

  6. I agree with you about the homes mags.I only get Country Homes and Interiors now and that's only because my Mum kindly paid for a subscription.Like you I have scrap books of interiors to inspire me.All the shops have Xmas stuff in now,but I like to go to the little individual shops for my decorations as the garden centres etc all seem to have the same things.Visiting your blog is like sitting in a cosy chair with a favourite 'homes' magazine!
    Have a happy weekend. :0)

  7. Lovely post!!...Your patchwork table runner is gorgeous and I adore you little Christmas decorations... I fancy a bit of Christmas dec shopping now, hehe :)
    Thanks for posting such a pretty array of photo's...inspiring!

    Hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend
    Louise xx

  8. What a happy post - I love all the pictures. Your patchwork looks terrific. I love patchwork. I'm starting to see xmas decorations here and there, which is lovely. x