Thursday, 3 November 2011

My lovely room

Hello fellow bloggy friends,it feels like an age since my last post but in fact its only been a couple of weeks ,i had a lovely half term at home with my children ,im hoping we can have a holiday next year with my sisters and all the 9 children which would be a real treat.
Halloween passed by it felt very different this year as my eldest son whos 15 looked at me funny when i asked him if he was dressing up this year,my youngest daughter is a bit scared of the costumes and masks so she didnt want to do anything and my other daughter went off to the next village with her friends so it all felt strange ,i realised how suddenly grown up they all are now and independent ,it only seems two minutes ago we were all off together buying costumes to wear!
This post is about my room ,i have showed pictures of it before but heres some more

This room in the past never really had any purpose so i decided to make it mine ,its totaly cluttered a bit of a mess but i love it and its where i spend all my free time being crafty

This is my big table where i use my sewing machine and have all my fabrics ,wool and cds,ive always had a love of pretty cotton fabrics especially faded floral vintage fabrics,heres a few of my favourites

some cath kidston

other lovely fabrics

Hundreds of patchwork squares all cut lovingly by hand

Felts ,linnings and other bits,then next is my wool stash ,hopefully i will use all these to finish off all the blankets ive already started and havnt finished yet !!

My shelves stacked with books,magazines ive collected over the years ,scrapbooks and other bits and bobs

This is my other table where i sit and hand sew , work on my computer and paperwork i have a lovely view out of the window across the garden

My little trolley stacked with buttons,pens,scissors and ribbons

Some other veiws of my room

Irecently saw this picture in a christmas magazine and apsalutely love it ,it made me feel very christmassy and excited as its not too far away

so on my next trip into town i bought these lovely things for christmas ,this advent calendar,heart garland and little birds

Im very busy at the moment as im doing a christmas craft market in a few weeks so will have lots of homemakes to show you all , thankyou for dropping by and leaving your comments,i love to hear from you and love reading through all your blogs ,much love francine x


  1. What a wonderful little craft room! I love the hexi quilt on your love seat and all your yarns look so cute stacked up on your shelves. thanks for the tour! ♥

  2. Oh my goodness. wow wow wow. That room is stunning. It looks so warm and cosy. I don't think I'd ever come out if I went in there!!!
    You have such lovely things, I was staring for ages at all your bits.
    Have a lush weekend
    x x xxx x x

  3. Love your beautiful craft room, so full of treasures, its like an aladins cave. Best of luck with the craft markets look forward to seeing your creations
    Have a sweet weekend Karen Xx

  4. Oh what a gorgeous room! I would want to spend my whole time in there.I see you have a CK love just like me.Have a wonderful weekend. XX

  5. Oh my goodness - what a treasure trove of crafty goodies! I'd love to have a good mooch around in all that stuff!!!
    I really like how you've got all your fabrics stacked right there at your work desk - very handy!
    I enjoyed looking through the photos playing my own version of 'Where's Wally' - it's called 'Spot the CK Stuff'!!! :-)

  6. I love your room we have a similiar pink on the walls and I spy lots of CK things that I also have! a wonderful place to create in, I am envious of your fabric and wool stash ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. so much prettiness! It's all gorgeous.

  8. Your craft room is a haven of gogeousness, I love it! Em x

  9. Wow, what a beautiful place to create!! I am jealous once again! lol. LOVE love love everything in your room!!

    Louise xx

  10. Your room looks absolutely gorgeous. An absolute haven for a crafty person. I would love a space like that to be creative in. The mag picture looks lovely. Do you mind me asking which magazine it was. Looks so my style. Fiona

  11. OOooo..what a lovely, scrumptuous room you have!
    You've made it absolutely beautiful and homemade. I love it, and now have a case of the wanties :o)

    Looking forward to seeing your crafty makes.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    and take care,

  12. Oh me oh my what a lovely little cozy it. Filled with inspiration...your fabrics and yarn is so lovely! I love the pink walls. xoxo Happy week to you and happy creating.

  13. I want your room! Its lovely - I could just lose myself in there - it looks so homely and cosy and pretty and .... creative!

  14. I want your room!!!!!! Love it, love it, love it!!!!! Full of fabric, colour, wools & creativity, just perfect I would say!

    Happy crafting : )

    Sharon xx