Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My favourite things

Hello lovely bloggy friends,i hope you have all had a lovely christmas,i feel like im going to burst at any point from all the food ,wine,sweets and chocolate ive consumed ,my jeans are definately feeling very tight but its been a really lovely time here ,just me ,deve and the children for christmas day which started at around six!!then boxing day was spent at my sisters with the rest of the family,i love those times and a night in planned for new year with the children and then itle all be over for another year . Its been a good year and i thought ide show some pictures of nice things
Patchwork bag
Little cakes
Pretty crochet
Patchwork cushion
cath kidston
Crochet cushion
My girls
Cath kidston
Christmas tree
My lovely room
My lad,well thats all for now ,im also doing a giveaway this post which includes a lovely book ,fabric and one of my homemakes ile pick out a winner just after new years eve Just to say a big thankyou for following me ,ive only been blogging a short while and already feel i have lots of friends out there who share the same interests as me so please keep popping by i do love to hear from you and i wish you a happy new years eve,much love francine x


  1. Hi Francine,lovely piccies as usual,glad your Christmas went well with the family,its all over to quick isnt it? Have a lovely week,lots of love,juliexxx

  2. Your house is so lovely. The kids must love it so much. Your patchwork is inspiring me to try to make a patchwork cushion. I am sure it won't be as pretty as yours though. I love your painted furniture and the colours. Happy Christmas and best wishes for the coming new year. xxx

  3. Merry christmas!!

    I love, love, love your room - I have a little sewing room, but no room for a sofa on mine!!

    S x

  4. What a treat to view all those pretty pictures, you have a lovely home, we have much in common! Happy New Year to you and please count me in your giveaway!
    Heather x

  5. Thanks so much for the pics, francine! I love your colorful home! ♥

  6. !!Feliz año nuevo!!y salud para toda tu familia un saludo..

  7. Hi dear friend, What a wonderful blog... I joined your blog just now. I like your all patchworks and crochets. Nice to meet you and happy new year...

  8. Great Pictures. Love your Kitchen

  9. It all looks beautiful! I can see we have a lot in common, CK, fabric & gorgeous crafts!
    Look forward to seeing your next post & have a really Happy New Year : D

    Sharon xx

  10. Your home is lovely and so is your blog. I love the colors in your projects and can't wait to see more. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Have a Happy New Year. I am following you now. Patty

  11. Hi, Francine! Thank you for your sweet comment on my granny blanket. I love looking at all of your projects here on your blog. Love your taste in colors and style. I'm your newest Follower!

  12. Well, those most certainly are nice things my dear! I'd even go so far to say they are gorgeous!! :o)

    Have a most splendid New Year :o)
    Take care, and have fun :o)
    Love n hugs,
    Donna xx

  13. Happy New Year!
    I love your patchwork cushion. Hubby booked me on a beginners patchwork course for Christmas so hopefully I may soon be able to attempt one!
    Louise x

  14. What gorgeous photo's..loved them all x
    Happy New Year and here's to many more years to blogging x Im now a follower of your gorgeous blog!!
    Also thanks for popping by my blog..and leaving a lovely comment..its much appreciated x

    Thanks Clare x

  15. It's been so lovely visiting your blog you have so many things to admire,including all the beautiful things you make,and your house is so charming and colourful!
    Looking forward to more of the same in 2012.
    Wishing you and your lovely family a very

    *H*A*P*P*Y N*E*W Y*E*A*R !!

  16. Soooooo many lovely, lovely things!!!!! What a great post! :-)
    I know what you mean about feeling a little full - I just CAN'T stop eating!!! ;-)

  17. Thanks for the lovely comment over at my blog,I'm now your newest follower ,we have a lot in common :)
    You too have some pretty makes

    XX Manda XX

  18. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and lots of love for 2012,your home is gorgeous such beautiful pictures and your children are beautiful,

  19. I must say I love your christmas tree, I wish you all the best for 2012 :)

  20. Hi Francine, your Christmas looked absolutely beautiful. So many lovely things to admire! I hope you have a brilliant New Year and I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award! Check out my blog to see.

    I'm probably too late but I'd love it if you could include me in your giveaway

    Helen xx

  21. I so love all the sweetness I find over here every time I visit...your home is adorable in every way...pure cozy joy. xoxoxo

  22. Oooh, to think I nearly missed such a super giveaway!

    Still poking ...