Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Merry christmas

Merry christmas my lovelies ,it is my favourite time of the year the decorations are up ,lights unravelled
,i love everything about it and this year i feel very organised i have completely spoilt everyone this year and nearly everything is wrapped ( and hidden )just the food and drinks to buy now ,our is looking rather festive now i think and our windows have been replaced and repaired ,apart from the obvious mess they are now finished and the house is so much warmer and cosier ,no more sticking cotton wool buds in the gaps or taping up the windows yay
I recently bought a lovely book called granny chic ,and made this lovely lace lampshade an idea taken from the book ,it now has pride of place in my work room which had a tidy today
I fact the house is having a bit of a spruce up for christmas i have been busy painting and clearing stuff out and its now nearly finished
Of course no post would be the same without showing you some christmas makes so here we go
Just a short post this time but hope you are all well and thankyou always for your lovely comments you always leave me ,your such lovely people and i wish you all a very merry christmas ,were all hoping for snow here but we shall see ,much love francine xxx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

catching up

Hello lovely bloggy friends,if there are any of you out there who still follow me ,its been an age since my last post and im surprised i have any followers at all !! Im afraid i have neglected my blog and you all for too long and i must apologise I cant believe how fast time is passing and christmas seems to be creeping up very quickly so i have made a start on a few decorations already
Im planning to do a bit of decorating in the next couple of weeks ,the house is feeling a bit tatty and in need of a freshen up ,i admit to buying fairly cheap paint usually white these days ,the trouble is when you do one room it makes the other rooms look tatty too but im hoping for new windows soon as a lot of the frames are quite rotten and very drafty but it depends on the landlord
Been doing a spot of crochet too as winter is creeping up so time for snuggly blankets and hot water bottles
My siser who lives near Glastonbury recently got married ,it was a very homemade affair and really lovely ,we all contributed with food and drinks and me and my girls were busy baking beforehand
Lots of scrummy cakes
And i made little flower posies in these little china cups
Also been busy making patchwork quilts which i love even though they are very time consuming
Been taking a few housey shots too
And recently went to Meadowhall and look whats just opened
Cath kidston ,the shop was a lot smaller than the york store but equally as lovely ,i sneaked a few photos while i was in there ,naughty me !
Lovely i know although it has been a while since i bought anything for myself ,well thats all for now ,thankyou again for all your lovely messages and looking forward to visiting all your lovely blogs too ,much love francine x

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Holiday fun x

Hello lovely bloggy friends hope you are all well ,im enjoying the holidays so much ,i love being with the children ,my two eldest were away last week surfing and having fun with my sisters so just me and my youngest at home ,the house seemed very quiet and "tidy "but they are back now looking tanned and full of adventure tales ,i have tried surfing in a fashion a couple of years ago but it really is not for me ,i could hardly breathe in my wetsuit it was soooo tight much to everyones amusement and i dont like deep water or big waves so it was a bit of a non starter for me and i decided i was much happier sat on the sand looking after all the clothes and food and watching ,yes much more fun x Been doing a fair bit of crochet lately and lots of makes for my shop
I havent been making as much lately but they were a few things i have made recently ,i still dream that one day i will have my own shop and own my own house so will keep doing the lottery and who knows !!! Popped in to cath kidston the other day and swooned at the new lines although im rather disapointed at the magazine i much prefer the old catalogue style ,left empty handed and bought a scratch card on my way home ! we enjoyed watching the olympics very much and im sure like everyone felt very proud to be british ,it even inspired me to get fit !! Well thats all really this post ,thankyou always for your lovely comments and for inspiring me through all your lovely blogs ,much love francine xxx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

July adventures

Hello lovely bloggy friends hope you are all well ,i cant believe were now in july ,the months are flying by ,we have been busy here with sports days,exams,trips ,my eldest son has now finished all his exams and recently had his prom,ooooh he did look smart in his suit ,i felt proud of myself for bringing up such a lovely lad ,i can still remember the day he was born ,seems only yesterday ,he has left school now and starting college in september so a new chapter ahead
I popped into town yesterday to buy more fabric from a lovely market stall ,all the fabrics are 100% cotton and reasonably priced ,really dont need any but i just cant help myself ,i went into cath kidston to see if there was anything i fancied in the sale ,of course i saw lots of things but im really trying hard not to "spend " at the mo ,i have too many bills to pay at the moment so i got these sissors and tape measure which were very cheap and i did need them ,did i say need or want mmmm!!
I,also came across this amazing place just passed the cath kidston shop ,it was down a narrow alley full of "soft pots "which are basically plant pots made of tights and decorated with colourfull string,ribbons etc ,i was fascinated ,i have arranged to go back and make one myself
I have also been moving my room round ,"WHAT AGAIN " i hear you say ,i know i love to rearrange rooms and do it all the time ,much to everyone elses annoyance!!heres what it looks like now
Hope your not too bored of looking at " my room " pictures !! Been doing lots of crochet lately too
Also been making a few things for my shop
Patchwork cot quilts
Lots of childrens cushions and bunting
Wedding bunting and garlands
I have hardly spent any time in the garden this year ,it seems to rain endlessly and the garden has been flooded a few times ,here are some roses i picked ,they are by far my favourite flower
Also been filling up my scrap books with favourite pictures i cut out of magazines
Also treated myself to these two this month too ,full of lovely makes and inspiration
To add to my collection! well the girls are in from school ,mouths to feed before they fill up on snacks so will leave you with some housey pics ,you may have already seen them but have a look anyway x
Thankyou always for your lovely comments i really appreciate them ,much love francine xx