Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My week

Hello lovely bloggy friends ,i hope you are all well ,now isnt this picture just dreamy ,i took the photo yesterday in the cath kidston shop ,i went in for my weekly fix and drooled over all the new range
I spent a fortune in my head but as im really trying to watch the pennies and the children need things i left empty handed but full of inspitation,it really is a lovely shop to look round and dream over Imet my little sister ,or should i say younger as she towers above me,we met for coffee and went to this adorable little tea rooms where all the chairs are mismatched just the way i like them to be
On the walls are these lovely embroidery hoops showing different fabrics which were lovely and affective,we sat chatted about nothing in particular and giggled about silly things,drank coffee and ate cakes ,twas lovely
My treat was the new mollie makes magazine ,these pictures are adorable
Ahh eye candy Ive also been having a move around of my room again!!,you would be forgiven in thinking i either am totaly mad or have far too much time on my hands ,both i assure you are the case ,my new room just wasnt working so i redecorated my old room and moved back in there
Ive reorganized and rearranged
Ive also been catching up on a few homemakes ,my crochet blanket is coming on nicely
More patchwork
Well thankyou for stopping by to see me and for your lovely comments ,i now have a facebook page if you would like to see me there ,you can click on the lonk at the top of the page,much love francine x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

My new room

Hello lovely bloggy friends ,hope you are all well ,firstly i must apologise for the long delay with the giveaway but im happy to say that "Ric Rac and polka dots" has won my giveaway so well done xxx thankyou all so much for entering xxx Its been quite busy here at patchwork house (my house isnt really called that, by the way as much as i would like it to be !)anyway ive been having a room makeover
ok so this is a "before " shot at christmas
and this is how my room looks now all repainted and fresh looking,ive had such a good clear out of all my things ,i havnt done it for ages and although i loved my other room it was starting to feel cluttered ,messy and in need of a good sort
This is my nice organized corner with all my neatly folded fabric and wool
All my neatly arranged boxes and cupboard with all my bits and bobs in and of course a few of my lovely snuggly blankets
All my cds,books,folders and scrap books all on one shelf,my old room is getting a makeover next week and is being turned into a snug
Our village was covered in a thick frost this morning,its been so cold these last few days ,quite a shock to the system after such a mild winter up to now ,i bought these lovely bulbs to colour my windowsill this week which are just starting to flower
Ive also been busy building a facebook page for the buisness ,adding lots of my makes so if you would like to pop over and see it you can click on the link at the top of the page ,ide love to see you there ,well thats all for now ,im so thrilled with all my followers ,thankyou so much ,i could easily spend all day on my computer ,so many lovely blogs to read and look through,ive so many projects to start i just wish the days were longer,and i only needed 2 hours sleep then i think i may just fit everything in on a daily basis that i wanted to do ,much love ,francinexxxx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New beginnings

Hello lovely bloggy friends and happy new year ,we had a lovely christmas with my family and the new year in with the children its been quite ,relaxing and so enjoyable ,eating drinking and being together i cant believe its over for another year, all the decs are down now and put away leaving the house looking very bare but im ready now for new ventures Firstly i would like to say a big thankyou to Heather at "The patchwork heart" for my giveaway,it arrived all nicely wrapped
and these lovely gifts were inside,thankyou so much there deleightfulx
I have all my creative bits and bobs ready
Hundreds of little squares for patchwork
My crochet blanket is nearly finished ...well not quite !!
New hangers to make
More cushions to make although i really dont need any !!
Pretty vintage fabrics
My bulbs are starting to come through
Im looking forward to spring and summer for the flowers especially roses
Im planning some reorganizing of my newly bought christmas presents from my family
My molly makes calendar to fill in
And lastly my giveaway which i didnt show a picture of last post so ile leave drawing a winner a bit longer,im it includes a lovely book,heart garland,carry bag holder and 2 egg cosies ,please do leave a message so i know you have visited me ,i do love reading your messages and looking at your blogs ,well thats all for now ,much love francinexxx