Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lovely things

Hello lovely bloggy friends,hope to find you all well The children are all back at school now after half term ,cant say we did a lot really ,just pottered about around the house really ,the snow has all disapeared and its been quite warm ive even ventured out into the garden which has been lovely to be out in the fresh air ,all the bulbs are coming up and little buds are showing on the trees,im so looking forward to spring and the warmer weather
As always ive been busy making more cushions ,amongst other things to sell on my website www.patchworkandlace.co.uk,im really keen to make a real go of it this year ,its really been a bit of a hobby up till now but i feel i want to make something of myself and be succesful so thats my plan,my facebook page is also doing well ,i get so excited when people either buy something or like my page ,it really boosts my confidence,anyway these are a few things ive been making recently
Cushions or pillows made with vintage fabrics
Patchwork covered notebooks
I made 4 of these patchwork tea cosies for a lady in america who is opening a tea rooms in san fransisco and wanted to have them in there ,im very flattered
Crochet flower garland
More bags,i love making these
Some handmade cards
Crochet bunting ,may have to have a few more goes of making this as the flags are all different sizes
Crochet cushions
Pot holders
Pretty little bags,i often get asked how do i have the time to do all this well i suppose i spend every spare minute i have in my room ,i dont go out,i hardly ever watch tele and i stay up late and get up early ,i must say though my tele night is mainly on a sunday ,im loving all these programes that have been on ,lark rise to candleford,downton abbey,call the midwife and now upstairs and downstairs i love them all ,the clothes ,transport,furniture its all so lovely
Heres some more lovely pictures
Thankyou for popping by and for all your comments i do love to hear from you ,much love francine x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Lots of handmade loveliness

Hello lovely bloggy friends,i hope you are all well and thankyou so much for all my followers ,i feel ive been neglecting the blogging world of late ,time seems to run by so quickly,another half term upon us and already in february
We have had quite a bit of snow this week and its been sooo cold,its been amusing watching the little ducks slipping and sliding across the pond ,its amazing how they keep warm ,i often look out through the cold winter night and see them on the frozen pond sitting there looking quite happy really ,as much as i love the snow and cozy winter evenings by the fire im always ready for spring,summer the light evenings and longer days,the warmth of the sun,bbqs and sitting in the garden but looking out now it seems a long way off ,somehow winter makes us feel slugish we eat more ,excersise less ,well actually not at all ! and comfort food like stews and dumplings are the norm,not a bad thing though !! I have lots of lovely handmades to show you this week,ive been quite busy,heres what ive been making
Handmade bags
Patchwork cushions
Handmade aprons
Handmade bags
Patchwork tea cozys
Heart garlands
All these homemakes and more are on my facebook page which ive been busy setting up lately so please pop over and have a look,the link is at the top of the page and a big thankyou to Heather at "The patchwork heaert " for all her help xx
My plan is to try and use up my fabric stash i have so much that i really dont need anymore ,im really trying hard to try and get my little buisness off the ground,i have an accountant friend who has been giving me some great advice,so the plan is to try not to buy anymore wool or fabric and try to use up what i have
I have lots of books for inspiration
wool projects planned
Always patchwork projects on the go
Never enough cushions so more to make to sell and to keep
Ive also been making wedding bunting,heart garlands and favour bags
I made this playmat for an order
My own little handmade labels
Pretty bunting with lace,well i think thats all i have for now ,thankyou to all my followers ,im so pleased i have so many and i really appreciate your interest and comments so thankyou ,much love francine xx