Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunny sunday x

Hello lovely bloggy friends ,it is sunday evening ,all chores are done ,school stuff ready,i have a glass of chilled wine ,my crochet,and its been a really lovely day,the sun has been beaming down all day ,it has felt like summer,the washing was blowing on the line and i have been pottering about outside all day with regular cups of tea bought out to me ,i recently purchased a polytunnel which was very reasonably priced and ginormous ,its a lot bigger than i expected but perfect for me
I have wanted one for so long,i plan to grow tomatoes,cucumber,peppers,lettuce ,flowers all sorts ,i get so much enjoyment from growing my own things then planting them out in the garden,i had a plant stall last year but not sure if i will this year ,seeds are so cheap aswell ,i buy mine from "Boyes" in york and the £1 shop have so many seeds they even have roses in every colour for only £1
The garden looks rather bland over winter but it is now springing into life
The daffies are all opening and the primroses
This little beauty arrived too this week ,maybe its just me but i love her earlier magazines more
Sorry its the wrong way up but i have started knitting a cushion ,not very colourfull but i thought i would try something different
Ihave also been doing a lot of this lately to make this
A pretty crochet blanket for a order ,it seem to take forever to do but i was pleased with the results and a few more homemakes too as always x
And now some homely pics
Well my favourite programe "upstairs downstairs is about to start soon ,thankyou so much for popping by i love your comments and reading all your lovely blogs ,much love francinexx