Saturday, 12 May 2012

My week x

Hello lovely bloggy people,got lots to show and tell as always,firstly im proud to say i have been given the sunshine award from Nicki at homebird,how lovely ,i now have to answer 10 questions 1/Favourite colour -it has to be either baby pink or white 2/Favourite number-the no 7 as it is my birthdate 3/Favourite animal-has to be a horse 4/Favourite non alcoholic drink-Tea of which i drink loads 5/Do i prefer facebook or twitter-facebook 6/My passion -My gorgeous children 7/Do i prefer giving or recieving-recieving if im honest ,how selfish i am !!! 8/Favourite pattern-patchwork 9/Favourite day of the week -friday 10/Favourite flower -lilies It was very difficult for me to pick out my favourite blogs to pass the award on to ,i love so many and im not keen on having to pick just 5 as i dont want to offend anyone so i really feel i cant pick just five ,im sorry ,,,,
On my previous post i mentioned birthdays ,my daughter turned 13 so we had a party which went very well ,60 12-13 year olds which i was very apprehensive about i must say,we held it in our local village hall ,we hired a dj who was brilliant and everyone had fun ,it was very amusing watching the girls tottering about in high heeled shoes ,they towered above the boys ,after about an hour the shoes came off and most were in barefeet,it was funny to watch
This is some of the food we made
The weather here has been pretty awful of late ,although i love being in the garden i love being in my little sewing room too and always feel if its nice i should be outside
I havnt been outside much the last few days due to the rain so i decide to pop out yesterday and check my seedlings in my pollytunnel and to my horror they had nearly all disappeared,i later discovered the greedy culprits were slugs and snails who had managed to munch through practically everything ,i managed to save a few but the rest had just been eaten ,how disapointing ,all that hard work ,oh well our local garden center opens soon so i think i will just buy some more from there ,so much for saying growing your own plants was easy !!!!
I will certainly be buying more geraniums this year i love them
We have had a bit of work done to the house lately ,i rent the house so thankfully it hasnt cost me anything to do ,these are a few pictures of my bedroom ,i just need some curtains and its finished
I fancy either lace curtains or maybe something patchwork ,i havent quite decided
This is my dressing table with lots of cath kidston goodies
We had a spare single bed so i decided to make it into a day bed with lots of blankets and cushions ,looks quite cozy me thinks
Been having some lovely walks with bobby this week when it hasnt been raining ,this is a view from the top of the hill ,there is a seat here to look at the views but bobby manages to get there first and muddy it up before i get there puffing and panting
He is a lovely fun dog but sometimes wish he was a lazy dog rather than a loonatic who never gets tired
I treated myself to these this week ,they are so sweet and colourfull and of course from my favourite all time shop cath kidston ,i also bought these creams and little bag ,i could have bought so much more
Now for some homemakes like this patchwork peg bag
Shabby chic bunting
Patchwork cushion
Crochet garland All my makes are on my website at ,well as they say thats all for now ,thankyou always for all your lovely comments ,i must get round to visiting all your lovely blogs but everytime i get on the computer someone else needs to go on it ,i dont mean to sound spoilt but we have one computer between four of us and my son has big exams coming up soon so he spends a lot of time doing school work so please dont think me ignorant i love reading all your blogs and try to visit when i can ,i hope you all have a lovely weekend ,much love francine xx