Sunday, 19 August 2012

Holiday fun x

Hello lovely bloggy friends hope you are all well ,im enjoying the holidays so much ,i love being with the children ,my two eldest were away last week surfing and having fun with my sisters so just me and my youngest at home ,the house seemed very quiet and "tidy "but they are back now looking tanned and full of adventure tales ,i have tried surfing in a fashion a couple of years ago but it really is not for me ,i could hardly breathe in my wetsuit it was soooo tight much to everyones amusement and i dont like deep water or big waves so it was a bit of a non starter for me and i decided i was much happier sat on the sand looking after all the clothes and food and watching ,yes much more fun x Been doing a fair bit of crochet lately and lots of makes for my shop
I havent been making as much lately but they were a few things i have made recently ,i still dream that one day i will have my own shop and own my own house so will keep doing the lottery and who knows !!! Popped in to cath kidston the other day and swooned at the new lines although im rather disapointed at the magazine i much prefer the old catalogue style ,left empty handed and bought a scratch card on my way home ! we enjoyed watching the olympics very much and im sure like everyone felt very proud to be british ,it even inspired me to get fit !! Well thats all really this post ,thankyou always for your lovely comments and for inspiring me through all your lovely blogs ,much love francine xxx