Saturday, 6 October 2012

catching up

Hello lovely bloggy friends,if there are any of you out there who still follow me ,its been an age since my last post and im surprised i have any followers at all !! Im afraid i have neglected my blog and you all for too long and i must apologise I cant believe how fast time is passing and christmas seems to be creeping up very quickly so i have made a start on a few decorations already
Im planning to do a bit of decorating in the next couple of weeks ,the house is feeling a bit tatty and in need of a freshen up ,i admit to buying fairly cheap paint usually white these days ,the trouble is when you do one room it makes the other rooms look tatty too but im hoping for new windows soon as a lot of the frames are quite rotten and very drafty but it depends on the landlord
Been doing a spot of crochet too as winter is creeping up so time for snuggly blankets and hot water bottles
My siser who lives near Glastonbury recently got married ,it was a very homemade affair and really lovely ,we all contributed with food and drinks and me and my girls were busy baking beforehand
Lots of scrummy cakes
And i made little flower posies in these little china cups
Also been busy making patchwork quilts which i love even though they are very time consuming
Been taking a few housey shots too
And recently went to Meadowhall and look whats just opened
Cath kidston ,the shop was a lot smaller than the york store but equally as lovely ,i sneaked a few photos while i was in there ,naughty me !
Lovely i know although it has been a while since i bought anything for myself ,well thats all for now ,thankyou again for all your lovely messages and looking forward to visiting all your lovely blogs too ,much love francine x