Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Merry christmas

Merry christmas my lovelies ,it is my favourite time of the year the decorations are up ,lights unravelled
,i love everything about it and this year i feel very organised i have completely spoilt everyone this year and nearly everything is wrapped ( and hidden )just the food and drinks to buy now ,our is looking rather festive now i think and our windows have been replaced and repaired ,apart from the obvious mess they are now finished and the house is so much warmer and cosier ,no more sticking cotton wool buds in the gaps or taping up the windows yay
I recently bought a lovely book called granny chic ,and made this lovely lace lampshade an idea taken from the book ,it now has pride of place in my work room which had a tidy today
I fact the house is having a bit of a spruce up for christmas i have been busy painting and clearing stuff out and its now nearly finished
Of course no post would be the same without showing you some christmas makes so here we go
Just a short post this time but hope you are all well and thankyou always for your lovely comments you always leave me ,your such lovely people and i wish you all a very merry christmas ,were all hoping for snow here but we shall see ,much love francine xxx