Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My work

Hello lovely bloggy friends , hope you are all well and enjoying the last half term before Christmas ,I really do love this time of year, the build up to the big day  and all the decorations and twinkly lights ,it seems to come round quicker every year
It is also a busy time of year for my little business too with a couple of Christmas fairs planned so been busy making these for my shows
I do love my work ,especially working from home which fits in with my little brood ,I would of course love to have a shop with a tea rooms but I know it would cost too much and also take up all of my time and be away from home a lot so for now I am  very happy with what I do and would consider it more when the children have flown the nest  to keep my me busy which is a long way off and by then I will probably be too old , tired and have even less money !! but it is a nice dream
In our previous home I had a separate room for my work but our new home is smaller so I have a corner of the conservatory which is lovely , very hot in summer and chilly in winter but it is my little space and I love it and spend all my free time here making all these
Loving these collages my daughter taught me how to do ,I do have a website through vistaprint  but have decided to close that now as it was costing quite a bit and I was not really happy with it through vistaprint so that will be closing in about a week , one day I would like to have a professional website done where I am free to put on what I like , where I like so that is something to do after Christmas 
If you would like to treat yourself I sell my work in my  etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/patchworkandlace 
time to go and get busy thank you for popping by and for your lovely comments
much love Francine xx

Sunday, 6 October 2013

My lovely home xxx

Hello lovely bloggy friends,hope to find you all fine and dandy ,what a gorgeous weekend it has been in York ,well now I have moved I am half way between York and leeds ,the sun has been beaming down ,the leaves are starting to change colour  and there is certainly an autumly feel around
we are very happily settled into our new home and have been pottering about having a little move round here and there which I love to do ,the pictures are of my kitchen

and my little dresser full of nick nacks, popped into cath kidston recently and fell in love with everything as always ,there are so many things I would love to buy but Christmas is fast approaching and im hoping santa will bring me lots of lovely things to add to my collection .
Also been pottering around in my work room organizing my bits and bobs

My little business has been keeping me busy too , these applique cushions have been popular
it has been a lovely weekend and enjoying Downton abbey very much ,time for bed ,thank you always for popping by to see me and always for your lovely comments
much love Francine xxxxxxxxxx