Wednesday, 30 April 2014

where does the time go ? xxx

Hello lovely bloggy friends  i hope you are all fine and dandy ,it has  been a busy couple of months here at patchwork house , my daughter turned 15 and  my son turned 18 which i have found hard to believe and i must admit i do feel slightly daunting , i think it is the realisation that time is passing at such a pace , i can remember when they were both born and now ross is 18 and has also passed his driving test and i do feel old suddenly , life and the days seem to rush by and i feel i am  forever clock watching  , i feel sometimes i want to pull on the reins and slow things down and savour the moments 
I  am very lucky to be able to work from home which i love so much , i have never been career minded so this suits me so well as my favourite place is my cosy home and i am here for the children whenever they need me and it gives me chance to do all my jobs around the house and garden as well as my sewing work , 
I am always busy with my work ,i have had a lot of orders lately but i am having a break from orders now so i can concentrate on some new  lines and stock my shop up , here are a few things i have been working on lately
At the weekend i went to the Festival of vintage at york racecourse , and i could not resist these two gorgeous items ,my patchwork chair
And this lovely vintage case 
And to finish off here are some homey pics
Thank you as always for popping by , i always love to read your lovely comments , if you woyl like to treat yourself my shop link 

much love Francine xxx