Saturday, 2 July 2016

vintage love

Hello all , its been such a long time since i was last here as always and i have been keeping busy
The beautiful fabrics above are from " The Festival of Vintage "which was held in April at york racecourse , the stall was The Button Tin and i just fell in love as soon as i saw the lovely displays

 I had pre booked myself into the embroidery class and i could have stayed there all day , the area was just amazing with so much to look at and it was a lovely festival one which i enjoy every year

I have been frequenting another favourite place of mine lately , Dulcie Butterfly tea rooms near to where i live ,a perfect place for a nice pot of tea and a scone , it has a lovely vintage feel and it is full of gifts to buy so i never come away empty handed
My love of vintage things started as a young girl , when as children my brothers and sisters would visit my grandmother in Leeds every Sunday , we would walk around Roundhay park around the lakes and flower gardens and then go back to my grandmothers for afternoon tea .She lived in a big terraced house which had a cellar full of coal and an attic which seemed scary at the time , she had a coal fire in the kitchen which we would huddle round to keep warm and we would eat tea in the " Back room " and she would always make mandarin jelly .Her house had lots of Eiderdowns on the beds and i just loved it there , it is only now later in life that i appreciate how lovely sundays were there with my family .Then of course Cath kidston arrived and i fell in love once again and ive been a fan ever since 

Vintage fabrics make my heart swoon ,i just love the colours and delicate patterns

I have been working on a few projects myself , trying to get many things finished

I decided not to take anyone else on , i just thought i would carry on myself , i would of course if i ever get a little shop as they could work there with me as i just don't have the space at home for 2 of us to work , i will hopefully one day have my dream of a vintage style tea rooms and shop but until then i will keep on working from my little den 
My dear father recently bought me this book ,the images inside are just dreamy and all that vintage is about

I have made a few makes too with vintage fabrics

I had bought a few bits and bobs too 

Fabrics of course ,i just cant help but buy fabrics to make into beautiful things for people to buy , i still get a buzz when i sell things 

I love to have fresh flowers in the house especially roses

Thank you for popping by to see me and for your lovely comments ,if you do fancy popping by my shop the link is
Much love Francine xxxx


  1. What eautiful fabrics ! Patchwork is so delightful your colour choices are quite lovely

    1. Thank you so much Susanna , I just adore patchwork x

  2. What a wonderful read this is-love the memories of how you became interested in vintage through your visits to your grandmother. Everything you make is just beautiful-like you I adore Cath Kidston! Best wishes Alison x

  3. What lovely makes I especially love the colours.
    Your day out sounds wonderful.
    i remember my grandma's house that was a terraced house with coal fires loads of quilts. She use to make clippy mats out of rags.
    Me and my sister would sit by the range toasting teacakes with her lovely memories. Reading you blog bought it all back. So thanks for that