Saturday, 20 May 2017

Summer Dresses

Hello all and hope you are all well ,time is as always ticking along nicely and family life is as busy as always.Last year i made a few summer dresses that were very popular so over the last month or so i have been busy making more for the summer

They remind me so much of my childhood and are very easy to make and can fit a range of sizes due to the elasticated top half and tie straps so they are ideal for summer and holidays
They come in a very pretty selection of cotton fabrics and are available from my Folksy shop

My new bunting business is also going well and i am always trying to come up with new ideas to try and compete with the already saturated bunting market, here are a few designs i have been making

I really enjoy making buntings too i find it very relaxing , i try not to do custom orders nowadays i much prefer making something how i like and then selling it, i am someone who likes to feel free to do what i like and hate being told what to do or feeling restricted to a certain way so working for myself suits me down to the ground, all my buntings are available from my new shop

I do so love working for myself , i love the freedom i have to create at my own pace and it fits in with my children working from home and they are growing up now and needing me less , my son is now 21 and in his final stages of his electrician apprenteship, my eldest daughter finishes her 2 year course at college next week and is hoping to go to university in October ,she has just booked her driving test for next month and then it will be the expense of a car but  that will free me up from lifts here and there and my youngest daughter has a year left at primary school from september and her secondary school is near us so she will be able to get the bus so in a year or so i will have lots more free time to concentrate on my little businesses and move forward with them

Thank you for popping by to see me here i do appreciate it and your lovely comments , my shop links are below if you fancy popping by and treating yourself i would be most grateful
Much love Francine x


  1. Your projects are so amazing. Those dresses remind me of my childhood. My Mother made me some like that and when I was older I had skirt like that too. They were a staple in my wardrobe. Best of luck.

  2. such beautiful dresses and buntings,love your blog,well done xx