Thursday, 20 September 2018

Hello again

Hello lovely bloggy friends, its been such a long time since I popped by here, I hope you are all fine and dandy, life just seems to be flying by and I can't believe were nearly in Autumn
The family are all well, my youngest has started secondary school now and is settling in well and making lots of new friends, my other daughter is just about to start her second year at York university studying crime and criminal justice and social policies and my son is now a fully qualified electrician and is also doing an electrical engineering  course at college and is moving on to another job more in this field of work so they are all doing well I am pleased to say

My small business is still ticking along but I had to take on another job to help with the money situation, I've had so many ideas and dreams but like most things they all take cash to carry them through and the children and paying the bills come first, I still do a lot of sewing on my days off and every evening you will find me in the corner of my bedroom sewing away

Summer seemed to go by in a flash, we had such glorious weather throughout, we don't have a garden  but a small yard which is filled with pots and is a real sun trap

As always here are some things I've been making recently, I've even started on some Christmas makes which I will show you next time, all my things are available to buy via my shop links below

Thank you for popping by and hope to be back here soon much love Francine xxx