Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hello lovely bloggy friends it really has been a while , my little blog has been very neglected of late and so much happens that its hard to remember it all to tell you but i hope to find you all fine and dandy
Our big news at the moment is that we are moving yet again , we have got the keys to our new home which i am very excited about,our home at present is very cosy but  small and we have definately all outgrown it so we have gone for a lovely spacious 4 bed terraced just around the corner , my love of terraced houses stems from visiting my gran with my family in leeds every sunday when we were growing up , we would always (whatever the weather ) have a walk around roundhay park then back to my grans for tea ,it was a lovely terraced house with an open fire in the kitchen ,a coal seller and an attic , i did love that house and have very happy memories of it ,so this new house is ideal ,we will all have plenty of space and i will have room to do my work so the next couple of weeks will be spent decorating it all
I really cant wait to have my own space again for my work , up till now i have fitted it in somehow wherever i could which hasn't always been ideal and i have often felt " in the way ", my new bedroom is quite large so this is where my new work space will be which i am very happy about , my gorgeous collection of fabrics will all have a new display home ,my fabric collection has certainly grown since i set out on my working for myself journey ,in fact its now become quite an obsession , i just love fabric and have to buy it if i see something i like ,here are just a few of my favourites, i make a lot of things using cath kidston fabrics which i do like although i much prefer her old prints to the newer ones , but my real love is vintage fabrics , these to me are the best by far and i seriously intent to make myself a patchwork bedspread for my new bedroom as well as many other things 

 I visited the wonderful Festival of vintage in April ,this really is worth a visit , it's my third year of visiting and this year did not dissapoint

 I came home with some lovely treasures again this year

 We have a lovely vintage tearooms in our next town which i took my daughters to recently ,it really is a favourite of mine , the tea rooms is called Dulcie Butterfly in Boston Spa if you ever fancy a trip and everything is for sale so i always come away with something

My other exciting news is i have set up a new website , i sell my things on ebay mostly and etsy but i really wanted to have something that was mine so i have been working hard on that lately adding lots of ready made lines and also scrummy things to have made, here are just a few

If you do fancy a peak the link is , i hope you like it as much as i do

well i think i will end with a bit of cath who has always been an inspiration to me

Much love francine xxxxx

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The new year x

Hello lovely facebook friends and a very belated happy new year , christmas seems like ages ago and can't believe that were now in february already and that spring is just around the corner yay !!
I t has been such a busy year so far , the children are growing up fast , my 19yr old son is doing well with his apprenticeship and will soon be qualified as an electrician , my eldest daughter is leaving school this year and will either stay on at six form or go to college and my 8 year old is growing up fast , i often wonder how i will feel when they fly the nest, i love them all being around and i know it will be a difficult phase when they do one by one  
we have kind of settled in the new house,  but we all agree it is too small , but the rent is low and it has done us over the winter where work has been limited for my other half ,and i know in the summer we will miss a garden so i think it is another stepping stone before we move on to a bigger house with a garden and maybe a room where i can make my own to create to my hearts content 
I have this lovely walk near to us which is just heavenly on a morning with our very mad dog bobby

My love for cath kidston is still there but  i'm not keen on some of the new prints , i use a lot of her fabrics for my business which always sell well , here are a few 
lots of lovely cushions and quilts

And new fabric square packs amongst other things
Here are just a few things i am loving right now and are giving me huge amounts of inspiration 

I find these pictures so inspirational and i am loving everything vintage at the moment  

well that's all for now , thank you always for popping by to see me here at my little blog , all my makes are available from my ebay store 
much love Francine xxxx

Friday, 19 December 2014

Happy christmas

Hello lovely bloggy friends , hope you are all well
well christmas is nearly upon us once again and i do love it ,i have spent the day wrapping presents and i am more or less finished
Its been a busy year and a good year for us all and we are all happy and healthy
As you can see the house is all festive looking and i always enjoy all the decorations
christmas day is fast approaching now , the children have now finished school for the holidays which i am pleased about ,we are all ready for the festive break and meeting up with the family ,christmas day is always spent at our house which i always love and then boxing day all my family meet up which is always good fun

And of course lots of makes have been made 

 But now its time to wind down and spend quality time with my little gang ,i do hope you all have a lovely christmas
and as always thank you so much for popping by and for your lovely comments
                                                       much love francine xxxx