Wednesday, 30 April 2014

where does the time go ? xxx

Hello lovely bloggy friends  i hope you are all fine and dandy ,it has  been a busy couple of months here at patchwork house , my daughter turned 15 and  my son turned 18 which i have found hard to believe and i must admit i do feel slightly daunting , i think it is the realisation that time is passing at such a pace , i can remember when they were both born and now ross is 18 and has also passed his driving test and i do feel old suddenly , life and the days seem to rush by and i feel i am  forever clock watching  , i feel sometimes i want to pull on the reins and slow things down and savour the moments 
I  am very lucky to be able to work from home which i love so much , i have never been career minded so this suits me so well as my favourite place is my cosy home and i am here for the children whenever they need me and it gives me chance to do all my jobs around the house and garden as well as my sewing work , 
I am always busy with my work ,i have had a lot of orders lately but i am having a break from orders now so i can concentrate on some new  lines and stock my shop up , here are a few things i have been working on lately
At the weekend i went to the Festival of vintage at york racecourse , and i could not resist these two gorgeous items ,my patchwork chair
And this lovely vintage case 
And to finish off here are some homey pics
Thank you as always for popping by , i always love to read your lovely comments , if you woyl like to treat yourself my shop link 

much love Francine xxx

Saturday, 22 February 2014

There really is no place like home

Hello lovely bloggy friends if i still have any that is ,hope i find you all well
Life is as busy as always with the children and my work which has really taken off
I thought i would show you some of my favourite photos of my home  this post

I really do love these photos of my home and my previous house they are my favourite
I recently decided to close my website and instead open a folksy shop which works a lot better for me ,of course i would one day love to have a real shop / tea rooms / fabric shop but at the moment i am happy working from home until i have saved up and my youngest is older 
I have started to sell fabric now which has been a real success , i do patchwork packs

In many  different colours as well as my other makes 

My shop link is and i would love you to pop by my facebook page and say hello , the link is

I am so looking forward to spring , the warmer weather and longer days ,i love all the spring flowers

Thank you for popping by to see me , i do appreciate your comments 
much love francine xxx

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Merry christmas

Hello lovely bloggy friends would really just like to wish you all a very happy christmas, i must say my little blog has been very neglected of late ,but were nearly ready for the big day
The house is looking very festive and lots of presents have been wrapped 
And i thank you all for still popping by to see me and i hope you all have a happy christmas , i am looking forward to my little brood breaking up from college and school on friday and then we can properly relax and enjoy the time off 
Much love and lots of happiness 
francine xxxx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My work

Hello lovely bloggy friends , hope you are all well and enjoying the last half term before Christmas ,I really do love this time of year, the build up to the big day  and all the decorations and twinkly lights ,it seems to come round quicker every year
It is also a busy time of year for my little business too with a couple of Christmas fairs planned so been busy making these for my shows
I do love my work ,especially working from home which fits in with my little brood ,I would of course love to have a shop with a tea rooms but I know it would cost too much and also take up all of my time and be away from home a lot so for now I am  very happy with what I do and would consider it more when the children have flown the nest  to keep my me busy which is a long way off and by then I will probably be too old , tired and have even less money !! but it is a nice dream
In our previous home I had a separate room for my work but our new home is smaller so I have a corner of the conservatory which is lovely , very hot in summer and chilly in winter but it is my little space and I love it and spend all my free time here making all these
Loving these collages my daughter taught me how to do ,I do have a website through vistaprint  but have decided to close that now as it was costing quite a bit and I was not really happy with it through vistaprint so that will be closing in about a week , one day I would like to have a professional website done where I am free to put on what I like , where I like so that is something to do after Christmas 
If you would like to treat yourself I sell my work in my  etsy shop 
time to go and get busy thank you for popping by and for your lovely comments
much love Francine xx

Sunday, 6 October 2013

My lovely home xxx

Hello lovely bloggy friends,hope to find you all fine and dandy ,what a gorgeous weekend it has been in York ,well now I have moved I am half way between York and leeds ,the sun has been beaming down ,the leaves are starting to change colour  and there is certainly an autumly feel around
we are very happily settled into our new home and have been pottering about having a little move round here and there which I love to do ,the pictures are of my kitchen

and my little dresser full of nick nacks, popped into cath kidston recently and fell in love with everything as always ,there are so many things I would love to buy but Christmas is fast approaching and im hoping santa will bring me lots of lovely things to add to my collection .
Also been pottering around in my work room organizing my bits and bobs

My little business has been keeping me busy too , these applique cushions have been popular
it has been a lovely weekend and enjoying Downton abbey very much ,time for bed ,thank you always for popping by to see me and always for your lovely comments
much love Francine xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 5 September 2013

september already !!!!

Hello lovelies is it really September already !,it has been a busy holiday ,we moved out of our very old ,run down , cold and draughty house into a smaller , modern , warmer brighter new home and I feel so happy , I really thought I would miss the old house but I really don't miss it at all and love our new home and so do the children so I feel  very happy and content here are a few pictures

The girls have gone back to school ,college for my son next week so the house is quiet and tidy again , I have also be busy with orders and my work and now thinking about Christmas as the plan is to be ahead as last year I started making things too late then ran out of time , I made dresses this year which were a bit hit and lots of these

Also loving cath kidstons new range and treated myself to a few things
I have a crochet blanket on the go too for my sister
and here is my ever growing fabric stash and my growing collection of books , recently read the "coming up roses " book by cath kidston which I enjoyed

well that's all for now ,you can find all my makes via my facebook page , please pop by and say hello
thank you for popping by and always for your comments which I love to read ,much love Francine x