Monday, 29 July 2019

A little catch up

Hello all, hope to find you all well
Summer is certainly here, the sun is shining and temperatures are soaring which is very welcoming but not so much the humidity which has left us all overly hot.
I have been working on a few new bits and bobs like this new dress pattern, it is the first time I've attempted an adults dress and I have to say it went extremely well , I'm not very good at following dress patterns so I did struggle with parts  but overall I'm pretty chuffed with myself

The fabric is just so pretty, the pattern is quite simple with a zip at the back but  I am going to have a few more practise attempts because I want to start selling dresses so I want them to be perfect, I have so many ideas of things to make and I spend most of my time making gorgeous buntings so it is nice to try something new along side buntings

I do love to make cushions too, they are one of the first things I ever made, these round ones are amongst my favourites.

I have been purchasing lots of new fabrics lately. I found a wonderful fabric shop in Harrogate, honestly I thought I was walking into heaven when I popped in for the first time, there are literally hundreds of fabrics, I do try to just buy what I need but that is very hard for me unless I only have a tight budget and then I'm reluctantly restricted

I have been putting together some charm packs, I love mixing and choosing the different colours and fabrics

Buntings are another favourite make of mine, I love the mix of fabrics that you can put together

Well I must get on , tea is to cook and a mind full of things to make, thank you for popping by to see my little blog, of course in true tradition some homey pictures are always necessary so here are a few 

 until next time lovely people , please also pop by my instagram
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Much love Francine