Thursday, 19 April 2012

April x

Hello lovely bloggy friends ,thankyou all so much for your wonderfully uplifting comments on my last post your such sweet people ,its funny isnt it it i would love to meet you all in person,have coffee or wine !,chat about our hobbies ,about life but the reality is we probably will never meet but its lovely having you all as friends all the same and sharing our lives with each other ,we are all so similar ,busy with our different but similar lives,the ups and downs ,we share so much xxx The picture is of course a lovely cath kidston image,isnt it lovely ,i have popped into the york shop often lately ,i love to see new lines the displays,always a joy to see although i have only bought some fabric of late
We have been celebrating this week ,my daughters 13th birthday ,and next week is my sons 16th birthday so we had a lovely birthday tea for her,lots of balloons and cake
This is my youngest helping me make the cakes and licking the bowl out afterwards ,we love the raw cake mixture and the 3 of them share licking the bowl and spoons
We made cakes,flapjack and a bakewell tart
From these very old cookery books
I have been doing a lot of crochet lately with all my lovely wool
Heres a jubilee inspired cushion to go with this cushion i finished today
The villages are planning a street party in our village which is always fun ,we always have a summer fair and bbq which are always very successful and lots of games for the children so our jubilee party should be fun ,im busy making bunting for it
I also attempted to knit a union jack throw in case its cold but the pattern seems a bit complicated so im going for simple stripes instead !!
My weekly trip into york this week found me these lovely fabrics,the rose one is from cath kidston and the others are from laura Ashley who had a half price sale on so in i rushed and came out with these ,york market is another place i always visit ,the weather was awful and i do always admire the market traders for standing out in the cold all day hoping for a sale ,i know because i have done it a few times myself ,i always vist a fabric stall and fell in love with these lovelys
The weather has been pretty awfull of late ,it has rained every day for about 2 weeks,the sun seems to have gone on a very long holiday, but on the odd bright spell i made it out into the garden to check on my seedlings which are coming on nicely,these are my strawberry plants that need potting on ,i do love growing my own veg and flowers and its so easy ,i buy my seeds from Boyes in york for 60p i sprinkle them on some compost and they grow ,im lucky now to have my pollytunnel but i used to grow them all on my window ledge and im no expert by far
The garden is springing to life now and with all the rain everything looks really green and fresh ,im hoping for a sunny summer so we can eat outdoors and have lots of bbqs x
I have also been busy making these 120 hearts in cath kidston fabrics for a wedding,
now all i have to do is sew on the ribbon and buttons and ship them off to Ireland
And of course my post wouldnt be the same without showing you a few home makes !!
Thankyou so much for popping by to see me ,i really love your comments and a warm welcome to all my new followers ,much love francine xx

Monday, 2 April 2012

Making me smile

Hello lovely bloggy friends ,firstly i would like to say a big thankyou to you all for following me ,im so pleased to reach 203 and feel mighty honoured so thankyou so much , i feel i dont blog enough at the moment ,partly because im sometimes not sure what to blog about really ,you see i feel im quite boring and dont have much to say ,i would love to tell of adventures i have ,witty stories to tell but the truth is i dont really do much ,my world are my children ,my home ,garden and my hobbies which to some is very boring but not to me ,i love them all and they are my life so this post im going to show you things that make me smile
My sweet little kitchen which is colourfull ,sunny and full of lovely bits and bobs ,i cant say i love cooking really i find it a bit of a chore to be honest and the children often comment on "cant we have something different "which shows im not very imaginative !!,i do love having my little brother ( i say little he is 30 and has enormous muscles from going to the gym 5 times a week ) over and his girlfriend who i love to bits ,we eat huge amounts of food and somehow manage to consume at least 3 bottles of wine between us and my brother drives so he only has 1 glass ,
My love of cushions , i have far too many really but most of these are really to sell on ,maybe i will keep a few !!
My work table ,i have just bought some gorgeous coloured wool ,im planning to crochet a summer blanket although im enjoying knitting too at the moment
Blossom and primroses
Chocolate cake that my daughter made all by herself and it was delicious
Crochet cushions i have just made
A blanket box i bought for £5 and jazzed up a bit with a slap of paint and some cath k fabric ,i feel rather pleased with myself,so thats all i have to show this time ,i have been spending more time in my polytunnel and my seeds are all now shooting up so i will show you them next week ,im also having a sale over on my facebook page so please pop over say hello and maybe even treat yourself to something lovely ,sweet and handmade Much love francine xx